Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online 2nd Awakening, new class balance coming soon! BDO KR 8/17 Update


The next update in Black Desert Online will include a class balance patch and 2nd Awakening, ‘Rabam’s Enlightment - Skill Enhancement’. Starting from August, Black Desert Online changed their update schedule to once every 2 weeks which means that the next update will take place on August 17th (KST).

According to the previously revealed video on ‘Rabam’s Enlightment - Skill Enhancement’, you will be able to combine two different Pre-Awakening skills together, one main skill and one sub skill, to create an even more powerful skill. Although the skill combinations are limited for now, there will be two 2nd Awakening skills for every class, with more combinations to be added later.

The class balance is another issue in BDO communities- several balance tweaks have been made but with no apparent effects. Not only that, there are several classes that have been neglected when it comes to balance patches. It is hard to tell how much change will take place in the new patch, but many BDO fans are looking forward to it, as it has been a long time since Pearl Abyss directly announced a new balance patch.




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