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Black Desert Online New Accessory Set, ‘Asula’s Red Eyes’ added - Best effect with lowest cost


Asula’s Red Eyes, an accessory set, has been released in Black Desert Online KR on August 3rd (KST). This set includes a necklace, belt, ring, and earrings. Although this set has two drawbacks - it cannot be enhanced or registered in the marketplace - it can be regarded as one of the best sets compared to other items.

Asula’s Red Eyes Necklace has 11 AP and 3 DP, and the belt has 6 AP and grants you +100LT weight limit.

Asula’s Red Eyes Ring has 7 AP and 2 DP. It is on the same level as Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch, which you can gain from a series of quests in Valencia. The earrings have 7 AP and Max HP +25 effect. This set also has a set effect. Wearing 3 pieces of this set will grant you Max HP +300, and 5 pieces will grant you +20 Accuracy.

Each accessory can be obtained from grinding spots in Mediah. The necklace can be obtained from the Abandoned Iron Mine, the belt from the Elric Shrine, and the earrings and ring from Helms Post. Even though the Asula’s Red Eyes set cannot be enhanced, it will be a great choice for those who are just setting out to gear up or looking to get new gear for their second character at the lowest cost. Obviously, you will have to grind to get them since they cannot be registered on the marketplace.



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    level 1 aqua995


    Looks way to strong and makes a lot of great items through quests obsolet.

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      level 1 Caedrion


      Understandably so but as catchup gear goes its spot on.

      Even for alts id reckon.

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