Black Desert Online

Get yourself a cute spinning turtle! New turtle pet is here in Black Desert Online!


A new turtle pet has been added along with the update in Black Desert Online KR on August 3rd. This turtle is gaining popularity for its cute figure and skill to grant durability decrease resistance to the player.

It loots 1 time every 10 seconds at tier 1 and level 1, and has the special ability to detect enemies (either enemy player or guild). It can loot 1 time every 4 seconds, and the distance it can detect enemies at will increase to 48 (1 time every 5 seconds) once it grows to its maximum level.

The reason this pet is growing popular not only lies in its appearance, but how it follows its master. Feast your eyes on this adorable pet as it frantically beyblades (let it rip!) after its owner!




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