[Rift Rivals Preview] MVP Head Coach Jaehwan Kwon: "We'll show them what a 9th-placing team can do."


MVP is currently at ninth place in 2017 LCK Summer Split, but they are more than eager to prove that they'll make the region proud in the Rift Rivals LCK vs LMS vs LPL. SSG's head coach, Woobeom "Edgar" Choi shared how he wants to prove their strength against foreign teams, and how the tournament will be a good experience for the team.

Head Coach Kwon started the interview with how they'll show what a low-ranking LCK team can do in an international tournament. "It's our team's first time going into an international tournament, so I have a lot of expectations. We are not currently doing very well in LCK, but we are an LCK team still. We'll show them what a 9th-placing LCK team can do."

He was also hoping that the Rift Rivals will be a good experience for MVP as their first international tournament. "I think it'll have a good influence on our team in general. Regardless of how we do in the Rift Rivals, it's up to us to make the most out of it. We are doing our best to make this a good experience for us. In fact, our performance is getting better judging from our scrims. While using the Rift Rivals as our chance to bounce back is one thing, the first and foremost goal is to show good performance against foreign teams and win."

He wrapped up the interview after sharing how the team feels going into their first match against LPL's OMG. "I've been watching OMG matches, and they are indeed different from Korean teams. We have prepared something up our sleeve against them. I know they've been doing very well in LPL, but I'm still confident. Rather than worrying about their position in LPL, we'll stay confident that we'll be able to defeat OMG as we are a team representing the Korean region."

LCK Head Coaches' Resolution for the Rift Rivals

SK Telecom T1 - Head Coach Byunghoon "cCarter" Choi
KT Rolsters - Head Coach Jihoon Lee
Samsung Galaxy - Head Coach Woobeom "Edgar" Choi
MVP - Head Coach Jaehwan Kwon

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