[Rift Rivals Preview] SSG Head Coach Edgar: "We hope to return to LCK feeling refreshed after RR"


With only a few days left to go before the Rift Rivals LCK vs LMS vs LPL, head coaches from the Korean representatives of the Rift Rivals have shared their feeling and resolution for the very first Rift Rivals. SSG's head coach, Woobeom "Edgar" Choi shared how he wanted to use this tournament as refresher for the team after their upset losses in the LCK Summer Split.

Head Coach Edgar was eager to prove that LCK is the strongest regional league. "It's our first time playing in a somewhat non-competitive international tournament. Regardless, we'll still do our best because it's an international event. Although I'm worried that we have an LCK match right after the day that we return to Korea, but we'll focus on winning the Rift Rivals while we are at the tournament. I want to prove that LCK is the best regional league."

When asked about the recent upsets, Edgar shared how the players were very exhausted, and they are hoping to use the Rift Rivals as a refresher. "The players were tired. They didn't get any vacation time and were in a hectic schedule, and those factors finally caught up to us. I think we are a team that excels in teamwork rather than relying on individual finesse, so we'll have to talk this out in the tournament. The pressure is just as high as the expectaions. We are hoping to use this tournament to cool off and return to LCK feeling refreshed."

Edgar wrapped up the interview as he felt that they needed to prepare more even when they get to the tournament site. "Since doing better in LCK was really important for us, we couldn't prepare much specifically for the Rift Rivals. We'll have to prepare quite a bit when we get to the tournament site."

LCK Head Coaches' Resolution for the Rift Rivals

SK Telecom T1 - Head Coach Byunghoon "cCarter" Choi
KT Rolsters - Head Coach Jihoon Lee
Samsung Galaxy - Head Coach Woobeom "Edgar" Choi
MVP - Head Coach Jaehwan Kwon

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