Bang On Faker's Failed Attempt At Rushing Elder Dragon: "He Is Getting Old."

Faker and Bang jokingly comment on each other's rather questionable plays.


June 22(KST), on the 2nd game of the 2nd series, SKT T1 and Rox Tigers brawl it out once again on top the stage of OGN. As expected from the number 1 team, SKT proved their worth by taking both games from Rox Tigers. With Faker's Cassiopeia and Bang's Caitlyn popping off in game 1 and 2 respectively, they have been selected as the MVPs. It is also noteworthy that the 2nd set of the series was Bang's 300th game in his career.
SKT on game 1, gave over Galio and chose Cassiopeia. "As I have shown before, Cassiopeia is very strong against tanks. I fully expected her to win the late game." He also focused on trying to quickly take over important objectives; even if it required him to start it first in place of the jungler. "If I was a little bit faster with my hands… I might've taken the Elder Dragon in my first attempt." Bang also joked that Faker had "Slow" hands because he was getting old.
While Faker was praised for his plays on Cassiopeia, Bang also received his fair share for his great performance on Caitlyn. The fans were awestruck when they saw the 'damage dealt graph' as Bang topped the charts with over 50k dealt in damage. "I don't think I made any mistakes, which resulted in me receiving the MVP, and Faker was able to get the MVP on the first set because he made everything happen."

On the 2nd set, Rox Tigers showed up with a surprise pick in the form of Blitzcrank. When asked about Bang being pulled by its hook near the Baron pit, Bang quickly replied, "I made a mistake; I thought I had Quicksilver up, but it wasn't, and I made a mistake as I tried to kite." Faker then bluntly commented, "Your dodging skills are nothing but master tier level." (And not challenger.) When Faker was asked for his reason of being pulled, he jokingly excused himself by replying, "I didn't try to dodge. I was honestly trying to get pulled in on purpose. But I got pulled in too hard."

Also, along with Blank, Untara had yet to lose a game since his start in SKT. Faker and Bang complimented their toplaner. "Untara is very good at holding up his own, and enduring no matter what the situation. This puts us at ease as we don't have to focus on helping him." Faker continued explaining that Untara had a strong mentality as he kept on playing without any worry even though the opposing Lucian picked kills against him constantly. Bang also mentioned that Untara's deaths were never in vain; as he pushed the necessary lanes before the consequences followed.
As the interview was coming to an end, the interviewer congratulated the both of them on their 7th consecutive win into landing 1st place in the LCK leaderboards. Finally, the both of them were asked on what kind of preparation will be taken before their game against KT, their rivals. Bang responded, "I always enjoy playing against KT. Many fans anticipate our matches, and I will make sure to prepare well and show them a fun game." Faker finalized the interview by thanking the fans for cheering for him and his team.

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