GEN Kiin: "Champions like Darius and Olaf are strong 1v1, and they can counter Udyr... They might appear more often in the future."


In the 2024 LCK Spring Split showdown on January 20, Gen.G secured a 2-0 victory against Nongshim RedForce. On this victorious day, Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu achieved his 300th win in the LCK, becoming the fourth jungler to reach this milestone. Head Coach Kim "KIM" Jeong-soo and top laner Kim "Kiin" Gi-in visited the press room after the game to share their thoughts on the triumph.



With today’s win, you’ve won two straight matches. How do you feel?


Kiin: I have memories of always starting the season with a defeat during my pro career. Winning the first two matches after the season's start feels good.


KIM: I'm pleased too. It seems like a good start.


You picked Darius and Olaf in today's match. What led to these choices?


Kiin: It wasn't a calculated decision; I didn't specifically prepare to play those champions. While researching other champions, Darius seemed viable, and as I've used him a lot before, I decided to play him. Olaf, similarly, looked promising during practice, so we decided to bring him out today.


Gen.G secured the victory today, but Nongshim RedForce posed a threat in the early game. How do you see the match?


KIM: Nongshim applied a lot of pressure through mid and bot lane ganks. We anticipated that, with an ADC without mobility skills, we might face difficulties against champions like Trundle. However, we played with the mindset that even if we fall behind, we can come back and win.


The champions chosen today aren't frequently seen in competitions. Why are these champions emerging now?


Kiin: Players haven't had many opportunities to experience these champions, and their proficiency is low, making them reluctant to pick them. Most players tend to prefer more stable picks in competitions. Champions like Darius and Olaf are strong 1v1, and they can counter Udyr, who is strong in the early game. I believe they might appear more often in the future.


There's a debate about the advantages of the blue and red sides. What’s Gen.G’s perspective?


KIM: We believe the blue side is better. Whether it's bot or top, the blue side seems advantageous. Teams also tend to have a stronger preference for the blue side.


Kiin: While Red side has its strengths in counter-picking during the final picks, there are aspects in-game where the blue side feels more comfortable.


Next week, you'll face OK BRION and Dplus KIA. How are you preparing for these matchups?


KIM: Aside from picks like Olaf and Darius that we used today, we're researching other champions. Variables can arise, so we need to prepare diligently. Every team practices different champions. In today's match, it felt like us and the opponents both picked champions we’re comfortable with, but moving forward, we don’t know what champions might appear.


For the jungle, we're currently focusing more on tank champions, but we're preparing a lot of different strategies. We don't know what will happen, whether it's our team or the opponent. We're practicing with a variety of scenarios and picks.


Any closing remarks?


Kiin: We're riding the momentum of a 2-0 start, and I'll work harder to continue the winning streak.


KIM: Both players and coaching staff are putting in a lot of effort. We'll strive to showcase the best performance possible, so please continue supporting us.

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