GEN Delight: "In sports, nothing is definite."


In the blockbuster 2023 LCK Summer Split match between Dplus KIA and Gen.G on Jun. 24, Gen.G succeeded to take the 2-1 win and continue their undefeated run in the season. With the win, they secured six wins with no losses. After the match, head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin and support Yoo “Delight” Hwan-joong joined the press room to chat with the media.



Congrats on the 6-game winning streak. How do you feel?


Score: Dplus KIA isn’t an easy team to face. There were ups and downs, but I’m happy that we were able to win in the end.


Delight: It was an important match. I’m happy that we won 2-1 so that we can continue our winning streak.


Did you prepare anything specific for today’s match?


Score: We thought that Dplus KIA doesn’t ban Milio and Yuumi often. They usually give one and take one. We tried to counter with Tristana and Milio. After the first game, it didn’t seem to go as well as in scrims, but I wasn’t sure, so we tried it one more time in game 2 to check.


As of today’s win, it’s likely that you’ll go undefeated in round 1.


Score: Rather than aiming to go undefeated, I want to keep our form up. If we do, I believe we can win whatever game there is. It’s important to maintain that form.


How was the Tristana-Milio comp?


Score: We expected to go half and half during the laning phase, but we learned that it’s a much more difficult matchup in the league than in scrims.


What was difficult in the game? How was it different from scrims?


Delight: During practice, the opponent doesn’t really know, and everyone’s more aggressive in scrims. That’s probably where the difference came from. There’s more to think about in league games.


(To Score) What did you ask the players to do after losing game 2?


Score: The biggest reason we lost game 2 was the draft. It was similar to game 1, but I thought if we change the whole frame, our individual performance is much better. I told the players that we can win if we change the draft.


(To Delight) Did you agree?


Delight: We had the same thought. Since the opponent’s bans can change as well, we discussed how we should draft.


The mid lane matchup was Ahri vs. Azir, leaving out Annie.


Score: As we picked Vi, they picked Azir. We thought the Ahri-Vi comp was strong, so we went with Ahri instead of Annie.


To go undefeated in round 1, you’ll have to beat OK BRION, Hanwha Life Esports, and Liiv SANDBOX. Which match do you think you have to be the most careful?


Delight: Frankly, I think we have to be careful in all games. In sports, nothing is definite. We’ll have to prepare well and execute well to get good results.


Any last comments?


Score: We were able to continue our winning streak this week. I’ll prepare for the remaining matches well so that we don’t lose.


Delight: Thank you for your support. I’ll work hard to show a better performance.


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