GEN Score: "Our performance was a bit blunt at MSI, so the most important thing is to stay sharp."


On Jun. 16, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, Gen.G faced Nongshim RedForce. It was an easy 2-0 sweep for Gen.G as they secured their fourth win of the season. Through the win, Gen.G extended their winning streak to four games and placed themselves on top of the standings. After the match, head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin and jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho joined the media for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Score: With the win, we successfully won all our games and secured 1st place, so I’m very happy. I’d like to continue this flow to defend our position at the top.


Peanut: I’m relieved that we were able to start with a 4-game winning streak. I believe we can keep winning, so I want to do my best to win them all.


(To Score) What were you the most satisfied about? Any regrets?


Score: Whichever team we meet, it’s really difficult to have a clean win. However, it’s very positive that my players turn those situations into a win, so I’m happy about that.


(To Peanut) Peyz keeps on doing so well. What are your thoughts about him?


Peanut: I thought Peyz would do well. I am surprised that he’s gotten this good so fast, but I’ve kept playing with him, and his performance isn’t out of the ordinary for me.


In the new patch, Azir is appearing more often.


Score: When Azir is slightly buffed, it appears. All the LCK mid laners are great Azir players, so I thought it would appear. It’ll be an important champion since it can gain the intiative if picked last.


(To Peanut) UmTi says that the new patch didn’t impact the meta much. What are your thoughts?


Peanut: I agree - not much has changed. Renekton can appear in the top lane and Azir can appear in mid, and besides that, it’s not very different.


You’ll be facing Dplus KIA and DRX next week. How do you think it’ll go?


Score: Our next match will be next Thursday. We have a slightly longer break, so we’ll watch out for getting careless. I’ll focus on maintaining our current form when we get back.


Peanut: I thought about going on a vacation, but I decided to grind more this summer. I’m nearing the end of my career, so I want to win the championship no matter what. I want to be the best jungler of the summer. I hope the coaching staff follows me well. [Laughs]


(To Score) What do you think about what Peanut just said?


Score: I’m thrilled that the captain of the team is so ambitious. I’m happy.


Peanut: I have faith in Score. [Laughs]


What do you think you need to improve to become a stronger team?


Score: The summer season and championship are at stake at the moment, and Worlds will follow. To get good results, the overall condition is important. Our performance was a bit blunt at MSI, so the most important thing is to stay sharp, and I’ll do my best to maintain the sharpness.

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