GEN Peanut: "If we can play like today, we’ll have a great season."


On Jun. 11, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, Gen.G faced T1. It was a blockbuster match to end the first week of the season. The two teams from the spring finals presented three great games, and it was Gen.G who stood victorious in the end. They collected their second win of the season and continued their undefeated run. After the match, head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin and jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho joined the media to talk about the match.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Score: We beat T1 a few times in the finals, but it has been a while since we beat them during the regular season. They’re definitely one of the favorites, and I’m really happy that we won today. Today’s experience will go a long way.


Peanut: When I saw the schedule after returning from MSI, I thought it will be really difficult. I’m happy that we overcame that and started the season with two wins. Also, it feels that we have a better chance this time since we beat T1, who is one of the favorites.


You picked Lucian-Nami in your bot lane in game 1. You didn’t pick them often, but picked them today.


Score: We practiced the comp in the spring as well. The players practiced it a lot in solo queue after we returned from MSI, and the results during scrims were good, so we gave it a shot.


The Kayle pick in game 2 was memorable as well. Some say that your draft was too much for the late game. Do you have measures to improve that?


Score: It’s too difficult to decide after today. Kills were traded during the dive, but the situation wasn’t good. It doesn’t matter which champion it is in that situation. Any champion would have struggled.


What was the biggest part of today’s win?


Score: The last game was really important since we won game 1 with Lucian and Nami. In game 2, we picked Draven, but it felt that we can’t use Draven as strong as we did in scrims, so we decided not to play him. Also, we lost too many 1v1s in game 2, but Peanut made great shotcalls in game 3. He led the team well, so we were able to win.


Peanut: Today’s game flow was really satisfying. If we can play like today, we’ll have a great season. We'll be able to win or turn around unfavorable situations without much trouble. I’d like to remember today’s match well. I thought we’d have an easier time playing game 3, but it wasn’t. I still thought Zeri scaled well, so I kept thinking we could win.


Gen.G and T1 keep meeting in important matches and created a rivalry. What kind of mindset do you have going into the match? Also, how does it feel to beat such a rival?


Score: T1 always does well during the regular season, and they reach the finals often too. Whenever we meet them, it feels like we’re facing the final boss. That’s how important the match against T1 is, and if we beat them, it feels better than when we beat the other teams.


Peanut: T1 always does well, and they’re always one of the favorites. Sometimes, it feels that we could beat the other teams no matter what, but I haven’t felt that against T1. They’re really strong. It feels much better than beating other teams if we beat them.


Your next match is against Kwangdong Freecs, and they’re currently at the top of the standings. How will you face them?


Score: As cvMax said, it’s best to meet them as late as possible, but we’re meeting them early. Since they’re in first place, I’m a bit nervous, but I know that we can win.


Peanut: Kwangdong Freecs’ performance is good, and they’re improving. I think it’ll be worse for us if we meet them late. It’s better to play them early. Since we beat the strongest teams in the first week, I believe we can beat them too.


Youngjae used to be in Gen.G, and you’ll be facing him.


Score: They’re a well-organized team, and I think the jungler’s role will be the most important.


Peanut: I read cvMax’s interview, and he praised Youngjae a lot. I also think the jungle will be the most important. Youngjae seems to think of me as his prey, and I’m really scared. I hope he goes easy on me.


Any last comments?


Score: The first week was really difficult, and we’ll be meeting difficult opponents in week 2 as well. We still collected two wins, and if we can maintain this performance, we’ll be able to do really well this season. Please cheer for us.


Peanut: I’m really happy that we got two wins. The summer season is just starting, and we have a long way to go, so please cheer for us. I’ll try to keep showing a good performance.


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