DRX Deft: " I felt like I’d fail at everything else in life if I couldn’t reach the top in LoL."

On Oct. 5, in the grand finals of the 2022 LoL World Championship, DRX took the win in five tough games. T1 and DRX both showcased amazing fights throughout the games, but it was DRX who were slightly stronger. After DRX hoisted the new Summoner’s Cup, they joined Sjokz and Jeesun Park on the broadcast for their championship interview.


[To Kingen] The series went the distance and went to game 5. What did the team talk about to compose themselves before heading into game 5? How do you look back on your performance in this series?


Kingen: We told ourselves that just being here is an honor itself, so rather than thinking too much about winning or losing, we just told ourselves to enjoy the moment until the very end. Truth be told, I performed at a level where I was nowhere satisfied with during the regular split. However, being here at the end made me realize that all the trials and tribulations I went through was so that I could be here at this moment. I’m honored to be here right now.


[To Deft] It was a 10 year battle, and you’ve achieved so many milestones along the way. Now, you finally achieved the highest achievement of them all, and became a world champion. How do you feel?


Deft: [Crying] I shouldn’t cry so much because I’m pretty old, so I apologize. Being here in this moment is something I’ve only dreamed of every day since my debut; I’m thrilled that it’s now a reality. There’s something I always wanted to say when I reached the top, and that’s “I’m the best in the world”. However, I realized after getting to this moment that it’s all about my team being the best. I’d like to thank my teammates, the coaching staff, the management, as well as the fans for being part of the journey.


[To Zeka] Despite so many people doubting you, you have gone through incredible growth this year. Now, you’ve proven all the doubters wrong. 


Zeka: It’s a feeling I can’t explain. I actually wanted to cry as well, but Deft was sobbing his eyes out. I want to thank my teammates for playing so well. It was unbelievable to make it all the way here, so it’s really incredible how they played.


[To Pyosik] This series was a bit hard for you in the beginning, but you managed to flip things around. How did you manage to keep up your focus and confidence?


Pyosik: This series was not about the scrims from a couple of days ago, but rather a culmination of everything we’ve built up from the start of the season. My coaching staff and my teammates have taught me a lot on what to do in certain situations, so I think I was able to showcase it well at Worlds.


[To BeryL] What was the reason behind the Bard pick in game 5, where everything was on the line?


BeryL: There were a lot of champions I could’ve played, but I felt that the games were going to late game a lot in this series, so I picked the champion most suited for our team composition.

[To BeryL] You’ve played in three Worlds finals in the past three years, and you’ve won two of them. What’s the secret behind playing so well?


BeryL: Honestly, in terms of today’s series, I think Keria played really well. However, our team played a bit better, and a bit more calmly. That’s why I think we won.


[To Pyosik] I think you know what’s coming. You’ve shown us your ceremony during quarters and semis: Can you show us one as well today?


Can you explain what it is?


[Pyosik]: It was Hecarim using E, with full Deadman’s Plate stack on, at 600 movespeed [laughter].


[To Deft] Most players would’ve gave up, but you didn’t for ten years. What was the motivation behind your 10-year career? 


Deft: The one thing I was best at is League of Legends. I felt like I’d fail at everything else in life if I couldn’t reach the top in LoL, so I couldn’t give up even if I wanted to.


[To Deft] Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans?


Deft: 10 years is not just a long time for myself, but for all the fans as well. Thank you for being the pillar that has supported me over such a long time, and you all feel like old friends to me at this point. Thank you so much.

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