GEN Score: "I’ll work my hardest to make sure to showcase a much stronger Gen.G next year."

Gen.G was considered to be the tournament favorites for Worlds 2022. However, their tournament run came to an end at the semifinals, as they lost to DRX 1-3. Despite many fans and experts alike predicting a Gen.G victory against DRX, DRX simply proved themselves to be the better team.


After their loss, Gen.G reflected on the series, as well as their 2022 season via post-match press conference.

[To Score] Gen.G’s journey ends today. How do you think DRX was able to make it so far in the tournament?


I always believed that every LCK team at Worlds had potential. DRX was able to tap into it.


[To Score] Heading into this series, Gen.G had a very positive record against DRX. What do you think the biggest factor was behind today’s loss?


We always respected how well they can play in the LCK, and we did not underestimate them today. Our game plan simply did not work today, which led to such results. The blame falls on me for not preparing thoroughly. It’s disappointing that the series didn’t go as well as we wanted to, especially while working with such great players.


[To Peanut] Gen.G’s game 4 team composition looked very aggressive and early game focused, relying on snowballing early to win. What was the biggest obstacle behind not being able to make the comp work?


We prepared to play aggressively, but the enemy prepared thoroughly to match our aggression.

[To Chovy] Zeka has shown tremendous growth at this year’s Worlds. Having faced him today, what was the biggest difference in his form between the regular split and the LCK?


I always believed that he was a good player. He’s shown tremendous growth at Worlds.


[To Ruler] How do you reflect on this year’s Worlds journey?


During the group stage, we always told ourselves to “Never regret”. Our teammates tried their best, so I was able to play without regrets in this semifinals match as well.


[To Score] Having won the Summer split and making it this far at Worlds, Gen.G’s 2022 season can be considered a success to many. What kind of Gen.G can we expect for 2023?


This was my first year as a head coach. I learned a lot from working with such experienced colleagues. I’ll work my hardest to make sure to showcase a much stronger Gen.G next year.


[To Chovy] You became Summer split champions, but fell short at Worlds semis. How do you reflect on the match, and what are some of the things you’ve learned from this year’s Worlds?


We couldn’t execute our draft and our game plan in the series today. It sucks that we couldn’t make it to the finals. There were times when I couldn’t execute the things I knew in my head. It’s disappointing that I couldn’t make the plays I needed to.


[To Ruler] How was the analysis on DRX different from actually facing them?


I thought they were good on paper as well. We also focused on our late-game macro and teamfights. They were much better in-game, right from the laning phase. Also, they had conviction and confidence in the plays that they made.

[To Score] A lot has happened in your first season as head coach. What’s the most memorable moment of the season, and what would you like to say to the fans cheering for Gen.G?


Winning the Summer split was the most memorable moment, but just being able to return to the LCK as head coach, and every single moment of working with the players made me very happy. It’s disappointing that we lost our semifinals match, but I do feel that all five of these players can play really well next year. Please continue to cheer for these players.

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