DRX Deft: "[Zeka] is always improving every game, so watching his growth has been astounding."

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It’s been nothing short of a miracle run for DRX. Starting from the play-in stages, the reverse sweep against EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals, to beating Gen.G in the semifinals, the team that DRX lost to 13 times in a row, DRX now heads to San Francisco to face T1 at the Worlds 2022 finals.


After DRX’s victory, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo shared their thoughts with Jeesun Park in the post-match interview.

After seven Worlds, you finally made it to your first Worlds finals. How do you feel?


Deft: It feels really good, but... Right now, this moment feels surreal. I'll need to calm down a bit to really know how I feel.


For the first time in LoL Esports history, a play-in stage team made it to the finals. 


Zeka: This is my first time at Worlds, and every single moment I’ve experienced, from play-ins to now, is not only my first time experiencing everything, but also are very meaningful. I’m incredibly happy.


You beat Scout and Chovy in quarters and semis respectively. How are you able to stay so confident on such a big stage like this?


Zeka: My confidence comes from all the great things that the coaching staff told me. The opponents that I faced in quarters and semis were great players, so I kept the mindset of a student, trying to learn from them.


From DRX barely making the final cut to Worlds, pushing through from the play-in stages, the reverse sweep against EDG, to today’s victory against Gen.G, the team that DRX had a 13 game losing streak against, DRX had one crazy year. What's the secret behind DRX being able to staying strong throughout the journey?


Deft: Everyone went through so much this year, and I think that we grew so much from going through such a process. Because of going through such trials and tribulations, even though we lost game 1 today, it didn’t really affect us. 


Zeka, what are some of the things you learned from Deft, a player with so much knowledge and experience?


Zeka: Everything that Deft does is respectable. There's always something to learn from him.


Deft, what are some of the things you learned from Zeka, a player who really popped off in his first year at Worlds?


Deft: He’s always improving every game, so watching his growth has been astounding.


Next, your opponent is Faker, the Unkillable Demon King. Do you think you’ll be able to beat a player considered the GOAT and become the next superstar?


Zeka: Beating Gen.G was tough enough, but we beat them today. I think that as long as we play our game, we should be able to beat T1.


Deft, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans that finally gets to see you on the Worlds finals stage?


Deft: It took me so long to get here. I started my pro career because I wanted to win. Along the way, I gained so many fans that were along the emotional joyride through my wins and losses, so having them on my side feels like I’ve already won everything.

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