GEN Peanut: "It feels that we could really make it to the finals this time."

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Gen.G pulled off a close victory over DWG KIA in the 2022 LoL World Championship quarterfinals. Although Gen.G took games 1 and 2, DWG KIA pulled close in the following two games, taking it to sudden death, but Gen.G managed to take the last game to claim the ticket to the semifinals. After the match, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho joined Jeesun Park for a post-match interview.



Congrats on the win. It was an amazing match. How do you feel?


Whenever we played DWG KIA, we went to the decider game, but after playing two games today, I thought we would sweep them. When we started game 3 and killed Viego at the toad, I thought we won, but the game got difficult. In game 4, I underperformed a bit, but I’m happy that I did well in game 5.


You were in danger of suffering a reverse sweep. How did you keep your head in the game?


After winning two and dropping two in a row, I was slightly afraid we might lose three straight. But thinking it through, the only reason we lost game 4 was because of me. I didn’t play well, so we thought we could win game 5 even if the draft was similar.


What did you discuss before game 5?


We just said the obvious — things like “let’s stay concentrated”. When we were about to go back to the stage, the guys were just going, so I said let’s gather hands to hype ourselves. 


Kayn appeared again in game 5. As the opponent jungler, what was your focus?


The Kayn pick rarely appears in games and scrims, and I never thought it was a good pick. However, the opponent was DWG KIA and Canyon — it’s a pick that only he can play. I had a hard time in the game. But I’m an experienced player, so I knew how to keep the suffering to a minimum.


The first picks on the blue side were Sejuani in games 3-5. How is Sejuani?


Sejuani is a good pick, but it’s not OP. The reason we prioritized her was that DWG KIA flexes Sejuani to top, and that Canyon could play any jungle champion.


Gen.G vs. DWG KIA always goes to the decider game, but Gen.G won it all this year. How do you keep your pace through the game?


In the world of LoL esports, the outcome is decided by who has the higher kicker. It seems that we had that higher hand.


You’ll face the winner of DRX vs. EDG tomorrow. Who do you think will win?


Both teams are strong. EDG is the defending champions, and since they played better through the stages last year, I think they might win. However, DRX also did really well through the play-ins and groups, so we’ll have to see.


The Lucian Nami bot duo lost three straight games in today’s match. How did you decide to pick them in game 5?


We wanted to play game 5 more simply. It didn’t really matter whether we played Jinx or Lucian-Nami. I think Ruler wanted a champion that had more initiative in the game since we lost game 4 that way.


Many fans are cheering for you from around the world. A word to them?


Thank you so much for your support. I don’t even need to look to see how many of you are cheering for us. We’ve reached the semifinals, and it feels that we could really make it to the finals this time. We’ll prepare well in the time we have so that we can advance.


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