As expected of the #1 LCK Seed; Gen.G and RNG move onto Worlds 2022 quarterfinals

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Day 8 of the 2022 LoL World Championships consisted of teams in group D fighting for the final two quarterfinal spots of the tournament. 100 Thieves and CTBC Flying Oysters had their backs against the wall, as they had a 0-3 and 1-2 record respectively. On the flip side, RNG remained undefeated, while Gen.G only had one loss in week 1 of groups. Many were anticipating RNG and Gen.G to make it out, and surely enough, their performance lived up to expectations.


100 Thieves faced off against CFO in the first match of the day. With 100 Thieves taking the victory, they started the day hopeful. However, losing to RNG on match 3 meant that they were knocked out of the tournament, and another loss to Gen.G in match 4 proved that they weren’t able to overcome the gap between the West and the East.

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After RNG defeated CFO on match 5 of the day, their final match against Gen.G decided the seeding for the quarterfinals. Should RNG win this last match, they would’ve moved on as the 1st seed of group D, but should they lose, they had to play a tiebreaker match against Gen.G straight after. While that match did remain neck and neck for the most part, Gen.G forced a tiebreaker by winning the match through supreme teamfighting.


The momentum from the victory seemed to carry over to the tiebreaker match for Gen.G, as they got ahead in the early game. With Han “Peanut” Wang-ho asserting his influence in both top and bot lane, they amassed a 3K gold lead. While Peanut got his laners ahead, RNG did manage to pick up two drakes, and attempted to take the Rift Herald. However, Gen.G saw the opportunity to open a teamfight during the first Rift Herald, managing to trade two for one in kills.

Image via LoL Esports

That teamfight victory was the momentum swing that Gen.G needed to crack the game wide open, as the mid lane dive, as well as the contest for the Baron Nashor resulted in huge victories for Gen.G. With a kill score of 20-2, Gen.G closed out the match and moved onto the quarterfinals of the tournament as the 1st seed of group D.



Screengrabbed via LCK broadcast

Worlds 2022 group stage day 8 results


1. Gen.G: 6-1 [Qualified for quarterfinals, 1st seed]

2. RNG: 5-2 [Qualified for quarterfinals, 2nd seed]

3. 100 Thieves: 1-5

3. CTBC Flying Oysters: 1-5

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