GEN Chovy: "Actions speak louder than words, so I really want to create a legit reason to be called the best."

On Sep 22, all four of the LCK teams that are heading to Worlds 2022, Gen.G [#1 seed], T1 [#2 seed], DWG KIA [#3 seed] and DRX [#4 seed] joined various media outlets to answer questions about the upcoming tournament. Each team was given roughly 30-40 minutes to answer questions from the journalists present at the press conference.


The following is the Q&A session with LCK’s #1 seed, Gen.G.

Before we start with individual questions, can you each share your resolutions for Worlds this year?

Score: I’m expecting us to produce great results. I’ll make sure that the team can perform and live up to the expectations of being LCK’s #1 seed.


Lehends: I’m thrilled to be heading to Worlds after producing great results. I’ll make sure to return after enjoying myself and having fun.


Youngjae: We’re a very good team, so as long as we keep this up, I think we’ll do well.


Peanut: We have a real chance to go far in the tournament, and I’ll make sure to put in the work to do so.


Chovy: I hope to return after doing well at Worlds this year.


Doran: I’m returning to the Worlds stage after two year. I’ll make sure to perform well.

[To Lehends] What are your thoughts on the potential rise of non-enchanter supports in the Worlds meta?


While enchanter supports did get nerfed, I think they’re still viable. I don’t think much has changed through the patch, so I’m not too worried.


[To Chovy] The one common trait among all the Worlds power rankings is that you’re on top of all of them as the #1 mid laner. How do you think you’ll be able to improve as a player through your run this year?


I’m very happy that many are recognizing my accomplishments. Actions speak louder than words, so I really want to create a legitimate reason to be called the best. It’s important to improve on an individual level at Worlds, but I really hope to quickly improve as much as I can to produce great results at Worlds this year.


[To Ruler] This is your first time heading to Worlds as the #1 seed. Can you share your thoughts on your group this year?


It was very intriguing to see our team in the front, and I thought that our group was much better than the other teams. 


[To everyone] The championship ring is a one-of-a-kind. Can each of you share your thoughts on how you’d feel if you managed to get it?

Ruler: I really haven’t thought about it. It’s not like I’m playing to receive those rings, but it’d definitely feel good to get them.


Chovy: Personally, I’m not a materialistic guy, so I feel that winning the tournament with my teammates is infinitely more important.


Lehends: I’ve also never thought about it; I only thought of it as something I received from becoming world champions. It’s not something that motivates me.


Peanut: I personally love accessories, but in terms of Worlds, I just want to perform and win it.


Doran: I’m also of the same opinion as my teammates; I think there are bigger returns from winning Worlds than the rings.


[To Score] The last time you attended Worlds was actually through the broadcast in 2019. Fast forward to present day, you’re now attending as the head coach of LCK’s #1 seed. How do you reflect on your journey since 2019?


The last time I attended Worlds as a player was in 2018. Just like every other pro player, Worlds is a stage that I always wanted to attend. I feel that I’ve achieved one of my goals in going to Worlds as a head coach, so not only am I thrilled to just be there, I’m also excited to help the team perform.


[To Doran] Can you tell us more on the ‘bigger return’ you mentioned earlier?


Things like reputation, money, and confidence are the three things that immediately come to mind.

[To Score] You stated that the LPL teams will be the team’s toughest opponents. What are some of Gen.G’s unique strengths at Worlds, and what does the team need to improve on to face those tough opponents, especially in the knockout stage?


I think that our players have high skill ceilings as individual players, and their lows aren’t that low as well. In terms of our weaknesses, I don’t think we have any clear ones.


[To Chovy] As a top talent in attendance this year, do you firmly believe that you’ll win it all this year?


In order to get that assurance, I’ll need to practice a lot more and gain confidence, so it’s too early to say. To say that we’ll do well can lead to complacency, so I’ll focus on doing my best.

[To Peanut] What are your thoughts on Maokai jungle, a champion that’s been buffed in patches leading up to Worlds?


I think that the changes he’s received are definitely buffs in the jungle; in solo queue however, I’ve only seen Maokai used as a top laner and as a support. I’ll need to test him out more, but I predict that he won’t be used in the jungle.


[To Score] When Gen.G’s 2022 roster was first announced, it brought forth a lot of discussions in the community for being the next superteam of the LCK. How much input does the coaching staff have in leading this team to success this year?


Each of our players are veterans, so I think that we’ve improved by maximizing each of the players’ strengths, while working on their weaknesses. Everyone was on different rosters in previous years, so I think that we’ve become stronger through the process of really figuring out what they were and utilizing them to shape the five players into a unit. As for the coaching staff, all of us are very knowledgeable, so the feedback has been very direct. That’s why we were able to do well so far.

[To Ruler] What are your thoughts on the potential of seeing Lucian-Nami on the Worlds stage this year?


I practiced the two a bit, but I didn’t think it was good. I’ll still need more practice, but currently, I don’t think we’ll see the two champions in the bot lane together. 


[To Score] What does Gen.G need to focus on the most in order to win the tournament?


I think that the real tournament starts from the knockout stage. We’ll need to steadily improve from that point on to really think about winning the tournament. How we perform early on will be critical to our success.

[To Doran] How do you look back from the time you went to Worlds two years ago to now?


It’s been about two years since then, and I feel that I’ve slowly improved in many areas without realizing it. I think the biggest areas have to be in game knowledge and in my mental composure. I predict this year will be different than the previous years.

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