From Khan & Tusin to cosplayers: Scenes from LCK Fan Festa

The clash between Gen.G vs T1 on the grandest LCK stage, the 2022 LCK Summer finals, is now less than 24 hours away. This year, the finals is hosted at the Gangneung Arena, which is about a 4-5 hours drive away from Seoul, South Korea. This year also marks the first time that the finals is held in the city of Gangneung; to make this split's finals more memorable, LCK decided to host a festival for the fans, the 'LCK Fan Festa' the day before the finals.

Fans were able to come to the Gangneung Speed Skating stadium [which is located right next to the finals venue] to meet cosplayers, LCK influencers, check out the artworked displayed, and even win prizes for themselves. We at Inven captured some of the awesome scenery at LCK Fan Festa, a festival which was unlike any other in LoL Esports.

Main entrance into the universe of the LCK
Visitors were immediately greeted by the LCK championship trophy
The map that shows where all the different booths are set up. But wait! Who's that next to the map...?
"It's Teemo, bruh."
Gen.G fans were able to leave a heartfelt message of support to Gen.G
T1 fans were able to leave a heartfelt message of support to T1
LCK's newest sponsor!
OP.GG was giving away various merchandise to their fans
The newest energy drink by Kwangdong
Loving the colors on those Logitech mouse!
As well as headsets
The Gen.G booth
T1 booth. There's always a line for T1
Then it was for the cosplayers to take the stage
Alright, so do we ban Zeri and Ahri against Gen.G?
After they got off the stage, cosplayers freely walked around to take pictures with the fans
Before I took this picture, a little girl got terrified by this Teemo cosplayer
"Who fed these guys? Jg diff?"
Then we checked out some artwork
Guess who these legends are
"What if Katarina and Sona had a Hanbok skin in the game?"
Gwen's immune
She got nerfed in the 12.16 patch, then got buffed again. C'mon Riot...
While leaving, we found Khan and Tusin being told by security to go THAT way
As we were leaving the arena, we found a tornado shaped cloud

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