GEN defeat LSB to advance to the finals and secure Worlds spot


On Aug. 20, Gen.G defeated Liiv SANDBOX 3-1 in Round 2 of the 2022 LCK Summer Playoffs. Liiv SANDBOX put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough to face the regular season champions. Throughout the series, Liiv SANDBOX attempted skirmishes here and there and pulled close, but Gen.G was too strong for them. With today’s win, Gen.G advanced to the finals and secured a spot in the group stage of the 2022 LoL World Championship.


Game 1 was a slugfest, as both teams fought whenever they had a chance. Kills occurred all over the map from the early game. At the 18-minute mark, the kill score was 13-10, with a 4K global gold difference. Gen.G had the lead when Liiv SANDBOX came back with a big teamfight victory. However, the gold difference was still meaningful as Gen.G played macro well to pressure Liiv SANDBOX. The game was decided from the details. Gen.G’s macro was flawless, and this was topped with Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s splendid Zeri performance as Gen.G took the first game.



Liiv SANDBOX made slight changes in the draft as they picked Nilah. While Gen.G pushed ahead in the top lane, Lee "Prince" Chae-hwan endured well in the bot lane. In a 3-man dive, Prince avoided the attacks and countered the dive with two kills. Through that benefit, Liiv SANDBOX collected three dragons first. However, Gen.G's teamfighting was too much for Liiv SANDBOX. Ruler's Zeri was especially unstoppable in the teamfights as Gen.G collected another win.


The draft in game 3 was almost the same for Liiv SANDBOX. Their champions were exactly the same, but there was a slight change in the draft as they banned Renata Glasc. This turned out to a good choice as they were able to push back Gen.G. When Liiv SANDBOX marched in, Ruler had a last stand, but he fell as well, and Liiv SANDBOX destroyed Gen.G’s Nexus.



Game 4 turned out to be the last game of this series as Gen.G collected the win. From early in the game, Gen.G reported victories around the map as they focused on objectives more than in the previous games. When Liiv SANDBOX attempted to slay the dragon, Gen.G pounced on them and won the teamfight as well as getting the dragon. This lead continued to snowball for Gen.G as they made a 12K global gold lead, which was irreversible for Liiv SANDBOX.


The remaining semifinals match will be held tomorrow with T1 and DWG KIA. Gen.G will face the winning team from tomorrow’s match.

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