Here are the top 5 skins of H1 2022 voted by the Inven KR community

Which champion skins received the most love in the 1st half of 2022 by the Inven community?

A champion skin in League of Legends holds many different meanings. Not only is it an aesthetic aspect of the game that makes the players see the champions in a different light, it also provides a storyline depending on the skin line, against other champions that may not have traditionally had any prior relationships in the lore. Plus, rare skins also hold collector’s value.


So which skins released in the first half of 2022 received [from January to June] the most love by the players? We’ve decided to compile the list of top 5 skins that the Inven KR community members rated the most highly on the Inven KR skin gallery. Please note that there were skins that had the same score; in such cases, the skin with more community members voted on it was chosen.


5th place: EDG Aphelios

Source: SkinSpotlights


The Worlds skins are made to commemorate the team that wins Worlds each year. After EDward Gaming won Worlds in 2021, Riot released the EDG skins to celebrate their win in 2022. Among the Worlds skins, the EDG skins were praised for its refined quality and the colors used to make them.


Among them, EDG Aphelios was rated the highest among the Aphelios skins. Created for EDG’s bot laner, Park “Viper” Do-hyeon, users can even find Viper’s signature in the splash art.


As a champion, Aphelios has this mystic-like theme to him, and EDG Aphelios enhances such a theme to the next level. In terms of how he functions as a champion, he has a very unique mechanism to how he’s played, so he has a bit of a ceiling cap. However, some users on the Inven KR community said that they’d buy this champion even if they don’t know how to play him.

Still worth purchasing even if you can’t play Aphelios? The quality is of top notch among all the Worlds skins

4th place: Crystal Rose Janna

The Crystal Rose/Withered Rose skinline first made their appearance in 2021. The champions that received the skins from this skinline this year were centered around the new champions. Zeri’s release skin was Withered Rose Zeri, and Akshan also received a Crystal Rose skin.


However, the real gem of the recent Crystal/Withered Rose skin line was Crystal Rose Janna. With a white and cyan colored theme, Janna’s almost depicted like a fairy, especially due to her pointy ears. From her beautiful splash art to her high quality in-game model, this skin beat Star Guardian Janna and Bewitched Janna to be the highest rated Janna skin in the Inven KR community.


The Crystal/Withered Rose all have shown decent to great in-game quality. The skinline will always have players thinking, “Which champion will be next?”

In terms of quality in the Rose skinline, Janna’s definitely top notch

3rd place: High Noon Samira

Source: SkinSpotlights


It’s been many years since the first High Noon skin was released [High Noon Twisted Fate in 2011], but it hasn’t been long since it became a skinline. The quality of these skins have gotten much higher in recent years, as it really encaptures the wild west theme.


Among them, High Noon Samira was received very well by the Inven KR community. As she already uses a pistol like the ones you see in those old wild west movies, there were those that were highly anticipating the collaboration between Samira and the High Noon skinline even before the skin was announced.


The orange and black color visual aspect of the skill effects which makes her look like she’s burning everything is top notch. On top of which, the exorcist aspect that adds more appeal, as well as the lore of the skin where she’s opposing the machina demon, High Noon Mordekaiser, this skin is definitely one of the top Epic skin releases of 2022.


The High Noon series is made for Samira!

2nd place: Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Source: SkinSpotlights


In one of the skinlines released in 2022, the Anima Squad skinline was highly anticipated even before its release due to how the mecha aspects and the cute animal aesthetics were combined together.


However, not all of the Anima Squad skins were received well. In terms of Battle Wolf Sylas and Battle Bat Vayne, users have said that the aesthetics were a bit too much, and in terms of Battle Bunny Prime Riven, many have said that the skin did not live up to its expectations.


However, Battle Bunny Miss Fortune was different. From its walking animation to the unique movement hop animation, the overall quality of the skin lives up to the expectations of a Legendary skin. It’s safe to say that her skin is the best out of the Anima squad skinline.

This is what Legendary skin should look like!
The quality of Battle Bunny Miss Fortune is much higher than anticipated

1st place: Ashen Knight Pyke

Source: SkinSpotlights


According to the Inven KR community, the #1 skin of the 1st half of 2022 was ‘Ashen Knight Pyke’. After the rework of the Gemstone and Prestige Points system within League of Legends, this skin is the first Mythic Essence skin that Riot Games released. For those that do not know what Mythic Essence is, it’s the currency that replaced the Gemstones, and is used to purchase Hextech and Prestige skins.


Ashen Knight Pyke was not only the first skin that can only be purchased with Mythic Essence, it was also available only for a short period of time. Naturally, this drew the attention of a lot of people. The in-game quality of the skin was outstanding, and it was especially praised for its translucent, ghost-like vibe that it had. Some users even praised that the skin looks like something straight out of the ‘Dark Souls’ series,


From the rarity to the outstanding quality of the skin, Ashen Knight Pyke quickly rose to the top of the skin that all Pyke players must have. The Inven KR community rated the highest among all the Pyke skins, beating other high quality skins such as  Project: Pyke and PsyOps Pyke.

Straight outta ‘Dark Souls’? From the rarity to the outstanding quality, Ashen Knight was rated very highly

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