TMI Interview w/ Gen.G Peanut: Nidalee vs Kunoichi? What would he do with a ton of Bitcoin?


The ‘TMI Interview’ series makes its return, this time with Gen.G’s jungler, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho. From first making his mark in the scene with his aggression in the jungler to a seven-year veteran in the scene, he’s now a staple part of the LCK.


From his love for the game, ‘Dungeon Fighter Online’ to what he’d do with a lot of Bitcoin, we at Inven had a chance to ask some questions about both inside and outside the game. 



Han Wang-ho.








February 3rd, 1998.


Place of Birth?


Um… I’m not really sure. I think it’s Seoul.


Do you know your MBTI?


I do. It’s ESTJ [Extraverted, Observant, Thinking, and Judging].


Is there any music that you like listening to?


No, not really.


Anything you like to watch?


Movies and anime.


Any recommendations?


There’s an anime called ‘Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun’. I recommend that one.


What do you do in your free time?


I either watch competitive League, or just surf the Internet.


What did you want to become when you were young?


Hmm… I don’t remember when I was super young, but ever since middle school, I wanted to be a pro player.


What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t pro?


I’d have finished my military service and would be preparing to graduate university.


Favorite champion?




Favorite skin?


Bewitching Nidalee.


Where did you land in your first placements?


At the time, it was still the MMR system, and I was at about 1300-1400 elo. That’s around Silver.


How did you first start jungling?


I tried playing a lot of different positions, but in the end, I hit Challenger as a jungler. So I ended up sticking with the jungle.


If you weren’t playing jungle, which position would you be playing?


Mid or top.


Most memorable moment of your pro career?


When I won the championship.


If you can use one in-game item in real life, which one would it be?


Zhonya’s Hourglass, because I can be invincible for a short time.


If you can use a champion skill in real life, which one would it be?


TF’s ult [Almost everyone says this].


Yay or nay: Mint Chocolate?




Yay or nay: Pineapple on pizza?




Top lane = Jungle diff?




Do you dip or pour the sauce on your food?


I dunk my food into the sauce.


AD vs AP?


I prefer AP.


Win a boring game as a tank jungler vs lose the game as an assassin jungler?


Win a boring game as a tank jungler. Always.

Give blue buff to Chovy’s Yone vs give second red buff to Ruler?


I’d give the second red buff. There’s no point giving blue because it’s Yone, but if I give red buff, I can aid our bot lane’s laning phase.


Flash on D vs F.




What would you like to say to those that take Flash on F?


Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. You can take it on F.

Thinking the hardest out of all the questions asked 

Buff Nidalee to the top of the meta vs buff Kunoichi [Dungeon Fighter Online] to make her OP?


HAHAHA. I’d say… Nidalee. I don’t play Kunoichi 


TMI: Kunoichi is one of the classes you can choose on DFO. Peanut streamed so much DFO during his vacation that even Gen.G’s GM said something about it.

TMI: After his match on June 18, Peanut entered the DFO online roundtable stream and typed “Pls buff Kunoichi”.


Top rank on DFO vs Rank 1 in solo queue?


Rank 1.


Which point in time would you like to return?


When Bitcoin was cheap. I’d buy a lot of it.


What would you do if you made a lot of money from Bitcoin?


I’d want to do just about anything. What are some things that I can do? Hmm… I think the fact that I wouldn’t have to work and not worry about money is really great.


Apart from going to Worlds and winning the Summer split, what are your goals?


Just performing better for the fans!


A word to your fans.


Thanks for all the support, and please continue to support me in the future.


Thoughts on this TMI interview format?


It was meaningful to have been able to answer so many questions so quickly; it was a really great interview.

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