DRX BeryL: "There are a lot of new and groundbreaking picks [in the LEC]. I receive a lot of inspiration from them."

On day 17 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, DRX took on DWG KIA in the first match of the day. With a set score of 2-1, DRX took the victory over DWG KIA and was able to earn their fifth victory of the split.


After the match, DRX’s support, Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee joined to press room to talk about tonight’s victory, the inner workings of his team, and his thoughts on DRX’s next matchup against Gen.G.

Thoughts on the victory?


Our matchups toward the end of round 1 and the beginning of round 2 are tough. Tonight’s matchup was one of those tough matchups, so although the match itself was a tough one, I’m really happy that we won tonight.


What was the game decider in tonight’s match?


Personally, I think that DWG KIA tried to change up their playstyle after their losses to Gen.G and T1. We figured out the direction they were going and prepared our draft accordingly. I think we had an advantage in that regard. Although I can’t go into detail, I think DK’s trying to play the game more meticulously.


After losing the last two matches, what are some of the things that the team talked about during internal feedback?


We all felt that we needed to become a team that’s better at laning, because it transitioned to good team play. I feel that the laners made the necessary calls and communicated well tonight.


Your Amumu catching out the enemy mid laner right before Rift Herald in game 1 led to DRX taking a huge advantage. Tell us about the play.


Swain switched to the Ignite spell for the Herald fight. After checking for wards, I hid myself to find an angle; then I saw Swain move forward. He probably thought he wouldn’t die, but we took things slow and gained advantages.


In your broadcast interview, you said the reason for tonight’s results is because you knew the pros and cons of Ezreal-Yuumi really well. Can you tell us what they are?


Every team has their own take on this, but every champion has their pros and cons. It’s important to know who has the advantage based on team composition, and know what kind of plays can be made in certain timings. Those are the things I think about a lot.


DRX is a team that has a really strong top side. However, Pyosik played a bot side game tonight.


We compared our team comp to theirs and talked about our game plan. We did this a lot during the Spring split as well, but we struggled because the games didn’t go the way we wanted. However, we kept talking about it, and as Pyosik naturally figured out the lane matchups, he now naturally figures out which lanes he needs to be at certain timings. I think this is the biggest difference between Spring and Summer.


Deft stated that he’s very comfortable playing with you. What are some of the things you talk about with Deft?


We talk about what we should do in our lane matchup, and talk about my ward purchase timings. We compare our team composition to our enemy’s comp and discuss what kind of plays we need to make, and aim to exploit our enemy’s weaknesses.


In game 3, why did you decide to purchase Elixir of Iron over Elixir of Sorcery on Nami?


With Elixir of Iron, my teammates gain extra movespeed when moving towards me. Rather than increasing my own AP, I felt that my teammates’ extra movespeed was more beneficial.


How much of the team calls do you make on DRX?


Pyosik and I try to read the overall picture and make calls accordingly. In the end, however, it’s important that every laner needs to say what’s going on with them, and have Pyosik and I make the final calls.


Senna-Seraphine is a highly contested bot lane duo in the current meta. A lot of different team comps are formed with those two at the center; thoughts?


Patches are faster in the LEC, so there are a lot of new and groundbreaking picks that are played. I receive a lot of inspiration from those new picks. It feels like the LPL knows their lane matchups very thoroughly, so there’s a lot to learn from those two leagues.


Thoughts on Yasuo-Senna?


I mean, Senna-Soraka was played, so I think there’s definitely a chance they can be played.


Your next matchup is against Gen.G.


I personally feel that Gen.G’s the strongest team in the LCK right now. They have a winning game plan, and their teamwork is very tight, especially their mid-jungle. They defend against their enemy’s plays very well, and although their bot laner didn’t show the same explosive gameplay as last year, he’s very consistent, and shows up when his team needs him. Seeing things like that makes me believe that they’re the strongest, so we’ll need to prepare well and prove we can beat them.


They’re the only team that showcased Singed support in the LCK so far.


Singed is picked as a specific counterpick, so I don’t think he’ll be picked against a standard team composition.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


We could’ve won our last match, but lost due to our own mistakes. We’ll fix them for the upcoming matches and work hard to end the season really well.

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