Fortnite pro Cented dropped from FaZe Clan for using racial slur

Image via Team Liquid


Fortnite player Evan "Cented" Barron has been dropped from FaZe Clan after a video of him using racial slurs circulated on Twitter. 


A video of Cented started spreading around over the long weekend showing the pro player entering a voice chat lobby and then greeting anyone else who joined with the "n-word." Some of the other people in the chat seemed surprised at the flippant use of the word. 


In response, FaZe Clan decided to remove Cented from the organization in an announcement on Sunday evening.


"FaZe is constantly evolving and we expect our members to do the same," FaZe Clan stated on Twitter, saying that Cented was "permanently removed" for using "hate speech." 



"We, and the gaming community at large, can't tolerate discriminatory language any longer," FaZe Clan tweeted. 


A response to the tweet read pointed out that Talal "Virus" Almalki was still on FaZe Clan despite saying he doesn't support gay people or LGBTQ+ messaging from FaZe Clan or elsewhere during Pride Month.


Cented responded to being dropped as well. On Twitter, he said that he "made a mistake" and that there are "no excuses." In a TwitLonger, Cented said that he shouldn't have the word in his vocabulary. 


"I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an example, a role model and arguably a decent human being and chose not to. I chose to put myself and everything I represent in jeopardy by being immature. I am ashamed of myself and my actions," Cented wrote. 

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