FaZe Clan yet to respond to homophobic tweet from CoD pro


FaZe Clan recently tweeted in support of Pride Month, sharing positive messaging with its community and showing off a rainbow version of its logo. Ten hours later, a member of FaZe Clan denounced the tweet on social media, which has yet to be publicly addressed by the organization. 


FaZe Clan tweeted that it was "sending love" to LGBTQ+ friends, family, and community, using the rainbow flag. In response, Saudi Arabian Call of Duty pro Talal “FaZe Virus” Almalki said that he doesn't support "LGBTQ+ or anything similar" even if FaZe Clan does. Why? He's Muslim. 


Virus received a good amount of support from his growing fanbase, with many defending Virus due to his religion. Many pointed out that he has the right to not support LGBTQ+ rights due to being Muslim while others argued that being religious doesn't give you the right to be a bigot, especially publicly. Some even urged FaZe Clan to drop him from the organization. 



FaZe Clan, however, hasn't made a public statement about Virus' tweet just yet.


While Virus has since deleted the tweet, the community is still aware of the situation and is sharing around screenshots of the interaction. Many are questioning why FaZe Clan hasn't punished or dropped Virus despite the org just showing support for LGBTQ+ folks just hours earlier. 


The situation is most likely tricky due to religion being involved on Virus' end. The organization runs the risk of seeming anti-Muslim if it decides to remove Virus. Still, it's hard for some in gaming to ignore the irony of the organization tweeting support for Pride Month and then possibly protecting an employee who tweets the exact opposite. 



Meanwhile, the controversy has continued. A lot of people in the gaming community have expressed disdain for FaZe Clan's message regardless of Virus' tweet, accusing FaZe of "pandering" or tweeting that Pride Month shouldn't even exist anyway, along with many homophobic rhetoric. This has also not been addressed by FaZe Clan yet. 

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