Gen.G Score: "Internally, we think [Doran's] improved a lot since the Spring split."


After defeating Fredit BRION 2-0 on June 24, Gen.G was the first team to four wins in the 2022 LCK Summer split. Although being in 1st place during the regular split isn’t something that the team’s unfamiliar with, their run so far this split feels more special than the others. While Gen.G of the past seemed to showcase very linear patterns in their gameplay, they have now became unpredictable in the ways they win, even bringing new champions to the LCK.


Gen.G’s head coach, Go “Score” Dong-bin, joined Inven for an interview to talk about the team’s new direction, as well as the team’s resolve for this split.

Thoughts on the four-match win streak?


I think that we’re doing well in the Summer split so far. I hope that we maintain our level of gameplay throughout the split and continue to capitalize further on the win streak.


The players have all said that they’ve researched new picks for this Summer.


We’ve also done so in Spring, but I think it feels more so because of the massive durability patch. Our analysis isn’t 100% complete, so I think we’re at the stage where we’re seeing new picks. We’re continuing to research new directions.


Gen.G continues to showcase new picks every match. Will Gen.G save some of those new and experimental picks against the other top teams?


Not really. New patches always change things, and new picks will always be found from researching the patches.


Tell me about Twitch-Yuumi.


Zeri’s a champion that goes even in lane, but scales well in the late-game. Twitch is also good in the late game, and we felt that against Zeri, Twitch can go even against her in lane. More than anything, Ruler can play a lot of champions well, so the Twitch pick worked out.


Many say that Twitch-Yuumi’s biggest weakness is with their laning phase. How did the team overcome it?


It is a weakness, but there’s a chance that the enemy has no experience playing against Twitch. We like to emphasize our strengths, so we chose to create favorable situations for ourselves.


How do you usually react to these new picks that players come to you for?


If the players were just any other players, I’d be very strict with them. However, our players all have a very wide champion pool, so if the new picks fit the theme of our team comp, then I’m very open about them. I tell them to try it and see how it goes.


Lehends showcased a lot of plays that seemed to walk a tightrope in many scenarios. From the head coach’s perspective, how do you limit and/or encourage such plays?


I provide a general guideline, but I tend to let him do his thing in matches. In the end, the important thing is to make new attempts. 


Some say that Doran’s underperforming in comparison to his teammates.


Internally, we think he’s playing well, and that he’s improved a lot since Spring. I think that he played especially well against Fredit BRION in game 3 of tonight’s series. I think he’ll do even better in future matches.


Ruler stated in an interview that late-game Gen.G is something to look forward to. How does the team train to become so strong in the late game?


Because of the direction of the patches in this split, the games tend to go to late-game a lot. We talk a lot about other aspects of the game as well, but much of the discussion is focused on teamfighting.


Many considered DWG KIA-T1-Gen.G to be the strongest teams of the split. How did things change overall for the team since the Spring split to be in first place in the standings right now?


In the end, we finished second place in Spring. We all felt that there needed to be a change internally, and everyone needed a new direction. All the players are very competitive by nature, so their resolve for this split seem absolute. That’s why it feels like we’re all headed in a great direction.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


Thank you for the immense support. We’re able to push through our arduous schedules because of it. Please continue to support Gen.G.

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