GEN Peanut: "There are so many competitive players in the LCK... We’ll need to cluster together as a team more."


On June 22, in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, two undefeated teams faced each other: Gen.G and DWG KIA. Gen.G came away victorious after three fierce clashes, collecting their third win of the summer split. After the match, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho joined the media room to talk with the press.



Congratulations on beating DWG KIA today. How do you feel?


Since we always go three games against DWG KIA, I thought maybe it’s fate we went three games again. Still, we always win, so I played confidently. I’m really happy that we won today.


Last spring, you were counter-jungled by Canyon, and you did the same against Hanwha Life Esports last week. Are you satisfied with your performance?


Actually, I’m satisfied with all our matches. The Wukong counter-jungle is probably used at least once by all the teams during scrims. It was a matter of who used it first.


Games one and two were really tight, but game three was rather one-sided. What was different?


We were well aware of the strength of our composition, so we played accordingly, letting go of what we could give up. The main focus was playing defensively, countering their attacks. That worked out well, so we got a big advantage.


The first week was against rather weak teams, as you picked up two wins. Today was against one of the favorites. It seems you’ve created good momentum for the summer split. How long do you think it’ll last?


There are many conditions to becoming a strong team. When you watch the games, strong teams don’t always win lane. There are so many competitive players in the LCK, so if we want to keep this momentum, we’ll need to cluster together as a team more.


You started on blue in game three. What was your plan?


Since the opponent picked Volibear, there was a threat for a dive, so after checking they were starting on red, I planned my path so that I could help as fast as I could if he were to dive the bot lane.


Any last comments?


I’m extremely happy that we have a three-game winning streak by defeating DWG KIA. I’ll make sure we show better performances and more interesting matches for the fans. Thank you. Please keep cheering for us to the end.

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