Amouranth's stalker has been arrested after an attempted break-in

Image via Siragusa


As Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa's career as an adult content creator nears its end, her deals on OnlyFans aren't enough to keep some of her fans satisfied. A stalker has allegedly been arrested after attempting to break into the content creator's home. 


Earlier in June, Amouranth told to her fans on Twitter that she allegedly has a stalker that's been in her area since May. He will watch her streams all day and will emulate what she does on his own.


At the time, Amouranth said she wanted his stream to continue so she'd be able to "keep a close tab on him" due to his erratic behavior. According to Amouranth, the stalker had arrived from Estonia to be closer to her, even selling his personal belongings to fund the trip.


Since learning of the stalker, Amouranth has hired an "armed employee" to guard where she lives. Despite the possible threat to her life, people harassed Amouranth at the time for coming forward with the situation, claiming she "isn't special" for having a stalker. 



On June 15, Amouranth shared an update on the situation. The stalker, who had been camping out at a hotel and Starbucks near her P.O. Box, was arrested. She shared more details on Twitter, explaining what led to the arrest. 



The stalker said on Twitch that he just "had to" take things further. He dressed up in formal attire and started to make his way to her home. According to Amouranth, the stalker "cased the vicinity" for 30 minutes and then attempted to break in. 


Amouranth said she then called the police but "dispatch was rude" and even put her "on hold." It took over 30 minutes, but police finally arrived, according to the content creator. 


"He did end up getting arrested/detained.  The embassy was contacted, and he is currently NOT in Houston.  That is all I can say for now," Amouranth said. 

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