Amouranth reveals terrifying stalker situation in Twitter thread

Source: Amouranth


Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of Twitch’s biggest and best known cosplayers, took to Twitter on Tuesday to detail a terrifying situation going on with her and a stalker. According to the Twitch star, the person in question lives in the same city as she does, having traveled from their homeland of Estonia to embark on the mission in question.



According to her Twitter thread, the person is not just stalking Amouranth, but streams all day from a nearby hotel, mimicking her behavior down to copying ASMR and showering when Amouranth is in her hot tub. She tweeted that, as a result of the threats, she has increased her level of personal security, including having an "armed employee" living in her guest quarters.


What makes the threat particularly terrifying for Amouranth is the stalker’s claim they have sold all their possessions to move across the world and harass her. This sort of behaviour, either selling or giving away your possessions and abandoning your entire life, is typical with people planning to end their lives or commit acts of terror, as the person in question has painted themselves into a corner from which they cannot return.

 An image from Amouranth's stalker's stream

"Find Amouranth and maker her mine"

According to the thread, the stalker has even titled his stream “Find Amouranth and make her mine”, but even with this in mind the local police are unable to take action due to the way American laws work. Stalking generally is not well-policed, with victims often facing extreme harassment and stress but unable to get police help until their stalker causes them physical harm.


In the thread, Amouranth claims the suspect moved hotels very recently, with the police aware of his location and intentions until that point. It’s clear from her tweets that Amouranth has dedicated a lot of mental resources to this problem already, which makes sense given the extreme risk mentally unstable stalkers pose to many online personalities.


Amouranth is far from the first female streamer to suffer this way. Back in 2020, SweetAnita spoke to the public about her own experiences with violent stalking. Multiple other female content creators have had a similar experience, from Brooke “BrookeAB" Bond to German streamer Jadeyanh, with similarly impotent responses from the police on most occasions. 

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