Hype moments, cosplayers, and more: Scenes from LCK's first offline finals in 2.5 years

The 2022 LCK Spring Finals garnered hype and attention from not just fans in Korea, but from those around the world as well. It was a series between two teams that are widely considered to be the best in the world, and the hype built up even more due to the two teams not playing with their full rosters [due to Gen.G players catching COVID on both regular split matches against T1]. For such two teams to fight for the LCK trophy on the finals stage was like a finale to an anime series.


From the cosplayers that gathered at the venue to showcase their cosplay, LCK legends that held fan signings on-site, to of course, the 3,500 fans that have somehow managed to beat the odds and get a ticket, the 2022 LCK Spring Finals was an event that esports fans have been robbed of for the last two and a half years. 

Inven Global team reporting for duty at KINTEX! Look at all the people!
T1 banners by the main entrance!
Gen.G Coaching staff banners!
"Boys... I've found my dream"
"The hunt... Starts now"
On the Hunt!
All these fans gathered to grab merch and partake in on-site events hours before the match started!
The T1 pop-up store, where they sold jerseys, as well as...
Goods like these!
 Fans were even able to get custom made jerseys on-site!
The Gen.G shop was similar!
LCK's Yoon Su-bin filmed a segment with all the cosplayers on site!
There were a lot more cosplayers than seen in this picture
To be honest, I thought he was cosplaying Maokai's Sapling. [He was cosplaying Zac]
But Gwen is immune...
"Oh look! Jinx from Arcane BatChest!"
Ahri and... CAITLYN FROM ARCANE BatChest
Innovator [TFT] comp duo
"In a world without love, death means nothing."
This was a sick Hecarim cosplay, but I can't figure out which skin it is
Group photo of every cosplayer on site!
Wolf was here as well for some fan signings,
As well as to take photos with the fans
On the second floor of KINTEX was where the press room was located [Spot Jayce from Arcane]
And on the first floor, fans have started to find their seats inside the arena
"No cheering [yelling] please!"
The arena really started filling up!
LCK's Lee Jeong-hyun on the LCK analyst desk
With Bitdol, GorillA, & Kuro
Yoon Su-bin prepares for another segment on the show
Opening ceremony starts in 3...
Let's GO!
Just like 10 years ago, voice actress Kim Sang-hyun kicked off the opening ceremony
The stars created over LCK's 10 years of history have gathered
Caster Jeon Yong-jun walks to the center of the stage
Introducing T1!
Gen.G also took the stage afterwards
"Let the finals begin!"
And so the series began!
T1 won the series 3-1!
And became the 2022 LCK Spring Champions!
Gumayusi: "You cryin bro?"
It's also been a while since Bengi was on the finals stage being interviewed 
YAY! WOOHOO! Time to go beat Jump King!
Faker: "Hey Oner, who do you think is going to be named the Finals MVP?"
Faker: "It better be me!" // Oner: "..."
Oner was named the Finals MVP
He also received a bracelet, custom made by Tiffany & Co.
Zeus: "You cryin bro? ㅋㅋ"
"You deserve it! Don't cry bro!"
T1 lifts the trophy once again!
The boys thank the fans for coming to the match
T1 are your 2022 LCK Spring Champions, and also get their V10!
And are the LCK representatives for MSI 2022!
Afterwards, they joined the media for a short victory press conference...
And posed one last time for the camera

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