"I think Nintendo saw my speech": Hungrybox tournament interrupted by Ultimate maintenance update


Hungrybox used his time on stage at the Streamer Awards to discuss Nintendo's failure to support competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee. 


"I'm hoping this year, with the circuit they're doing, I'm hoping they finally give us the chance we never had. Even though we're not at Evo or at a lot of events, it's a beautiful game and deserves to shine. Hopefully, this game lives on another 20 years," Hungrybox said at the time. 


On March 16, Hungrybox joked on Twitter that he felt Nintendo may have listened to the speech and retaliated. 



During Hungrybox's weekly Coinbox tournament, a match was interrupted with an error code that read "a communication error has occurred." Hungrybox yelled out in agony, telling his fans to "stay calm." 


"Shit. It's happening," Hungrybox said as the chat went wild. 



The error was due to a maintenance update Nintendo released right in the middle of the tournament. Hungrybox and his fans jokingly speculated that it was the company's way of retaliating after Hungrybox called them out during the award show. One fan said they "weren't surprised" this happened after such a direct call-out. 


Another fan joked: "Imagine this update coming through is just a Jigglypuff nerf." 


That would most likely be the only proof that Nintendo truly made an update just to get back at Hungrybox. Knowing Nintendo, however, the company wasn't aware of Hungrybox's speech since it has no idea what competitive Melee is or who the players are. 

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