Hungrybox announces weekly $2,000 Coinbox tourneys throughout 2022


The Super Smash Bros. community has been bummed about 2022 being another year of canceled and postponed majors. It's no secret that Ultimate players especially hate online tournaments and are feeling frustrated going into the new year. 


But Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma has made this new virtual reality a bit brighter — a lot brighter actually. On his January 26 stream, Hungrybox announced that his weekly tournaments would now be called Coinbox. The Coinbase-sponsored weekly tournament will now feature a $2,000 prize pool every single week for the remainder of 2022. That means about $100,000 in prize support. 


"We're going to have the best competition, the best coverage, and the best consistent prize support of any online tournament in existence," Hungrybox said in the announcement video. 



Said Hungrybox: "So proud of my team for being able to accomplish this. Actual funding in the scene for an entire year, free to enter, and open to an entire continent. People dedicate their lives to this game. Hoping this is the next step for Smash." 


The response from the Smash community has been overwhelmingly positive. Some have noted how much Hungrybox does for the Smash scene while others have shared their excitement over participating. One fan even noted that it was nice of Hungrybox to give Sparg0 such a generous weekly allowance. 


Some negative responses have revolved around the involvement of Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Esports organizations continuing to be involved in cryptocurrency and NFTs has been an ongoing controversial issue in the esports industry, with many feeling that this new focus is scammy. 


Despite some disdain for Coinbase, the Smash community is hype for Coinbox. The first tournament, which is Wednesday, February 2, already has over 600 attendees just 30 minutes after Hungrybox's announcement. Participants include ESAM, Maister, Riddles, Scend, Moist Aaron, Sonix, and more. Each week is capped at 1,024 entrants so it looks like interested Smash players will have to act fast. 


There will be open applications for paid commentary spots for the Top 8 each week — which will be streamed on Team Liquid's Twitch channel. The rest of the event will be on Hungrybox's Twitch before Top 8, per usual. The $2,000 will be rewarded to the Top 8 players, which will not be in crypto but in USD. 

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