Hungrybox roasts Nintendo and Mango at the Streamer Awards


The Streamer Awards had a lot of the usual Twitch suspects, like Pokimane, Amouranth, xQc, and HasanAbi. But the Streamer Awards also had an abundance of gaming categories, including Best Smash Streamer. 


Of the nominees, it seemed like it was going to be a close call between Hungrybox and Mango. In the end, the award went to Mango, who is not only an icon of the game but made a huge comeback last year. But Mango didn't show up and Hungrybox decided to accept the award for his rival. 



"Similar to every other Smash event this year, Mango did not show up. Shocker there, bud," Hungrybox joked on stage. 



But Hungrybox wasn't on stage to roast Mango — he wanted to call out Nintendo. Hungrybox stated that Mango supported Super Smash Bros. Melee, which isn't the flashiest or biggest game. It isn't the esport with the most money. 


"But he did a lot more than a certain company called Nintendo did," Hungrybox said, which shocked the crowd. "I'm hoping this year, with the circuit they're doing, I'm hoping they finally give us the chance we never had. Even though we're not at Evo or at a lot of events, it's a beautiful game and deserves to shine. Hopefully, this game lives on another 20 years." 


The speech left the Smash community chattering all night. Not only did people debate if Mango truly deserved the reward over Hungrybox (who has spent 2021 and 2022 making an abundance of Ultimate content), but many felt Hungrybox had said what many people were thinking about Nintendo. 


On social media, many called Hungrybox's speech a "W" for the Melee community. Nintendo has long disrupted the competitive scene, which is where it is today thanks to the pros, tournament organizers, and fans. Nintendo has often voiced its disdain for competitive Smash and its actions have only proven this further. Now, fans are very skeptical of the Nintendo circuit with Panda Global. 



It remains to be seen what will happen with Nintendo and its alleged participation in competitive Melee. But for now, the Streamer Awards has been a great platform for some of the biggest names in Smash who are often overlooked by mainstream gaming and streaming communities. 

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