Gumayusi: "We don't expect to drop a single game against [Gen.G's full lineup] in the playoffs."

On Mar. 3, T1 faced off against Gen.G in the first match of the day. As Gen.G’s starting bot laner Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk tested positive for COVID, the team fielded their Challenger teams mid laner Baek “Ophelia” Jin-seong. T1 were able to take the clean 2-0 victory against Gen.G’s line-up tonight and took their 13th consecutive match victory of the split.


The bot laner for T1, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, joined Inven Global for a post-match interview.

Thoughts on the victory?


I’m really happy that we were able to extend our win streak to 13-0, and glad that we beat a very tough team like Gen.G tonight.


Ophelia was subbed in due to Ruler catching COVID. How did the team end up preparing for the match-up tonight?


It’s a very unfortunate situation for sure. We really felt that we could’ve performed well even against their full starting line-up, but it sucks that we didn’t get a chance to do so in the regular split. I wish him a speedy recovery, and as for Ophelia, since he’s a mid laner, we expected him to play non-traditional marksman champions.


You don’t really see non-traditional bot lane champions in the LCK these days, but you played against Ziggs and Viktor tonight. How did you react to the champions in the drafts? Tell me about the 2v2 matchup in game 2.


When we banned Syndra and Ziggs in game 2, we actually expected them to play a traditional marksman champion, but when Gen.G locked in Viktor, we felt that they were incredibly adamant in playing a non-marksman champion [laughter]. To be honest, Aphelios isn’t a great pick against non-marksman champions, so I actually didn’t want to play him. Game 2 wasn’t fun.


Due to Gen.G heavily focusing bot side in game 2, it led to two deaths and a lot of turret plates being taken. What can you tell us about what happened then?


Because it was a pretty clean victory in game 1, I got too relaxed. I think that’s why I ended up dying a lot in the early game. Losing games like that would really wake me up and make me refocus, but thankfully, the rest of my teammates carried me, so I need to look back at my mistakes and come back stronger.


T1 managed to practically sneak Baron both times with the use of Ryze ult. Tell me how the in-game calls went in those two scenarios in game 2.


I feel that plays like that are pretty standard whenever you have a Ryze on the team. Our game 2 team composition can burst down Baron very quickly, and since Gen.G was focused more on drakes in both situations, we were able to sneak Baron.


Can you also explain why T1 attempted to base race with Ryze ult while Gen.G was taking Mountain Soul? Whose call was it to rush their Nexus?


We felt that we were too late to contest the dragon, so we felt that we could’ve rushed their Nexus for the win, but it was a matter of miscalculating just how fast they could return to their base to defend. The angle looked good, but they were able to easily defend, so it was unfortunate.


Ruler stated that he was excited to end T1’s undefeated streak, so is there anything you’d like to say to him?


More than anything, Ruler himself must be very frustrated with the situation, so hopefully, when we finally get to play their full line-up in the playoffs, I hope that he can try and live up to those words. We’re very confident that we’ll beat their full starting line-up, and we don’t expect to drop a single game against them in the playoffs.


What are your thoughts on Renata Glasc? From an ADC’s perspective, do you think she’s viable in the competitive meta?


She’s… a bit weird. She’s not exactly a tank support with heavy engage, and she’s also not exactly an enchanter champion that can bully her opponents in lane. She’s also pretty immobile, and she doesn't have very high movespeed. I think it’ll be hard to see her played in the competitive scene.


T1 are looking to be the favorites to make it to MSI. Are there any foreign teams/bot lanes that you’d like to play against?


EDG’s Viper’s considered to be the best ADC in the world, so I hope I get a chance to beat him.


T1 play KT Rolster in the next matchup. Are you confident that T1 will be able to go 14-0?


Definitely. I think 14-0 is definitely possible, and I think we’ll be able to stay undefeated in the regular split.

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