Ruler: "I like ending other teams' undefeated streaks, so I want to knock T1 down.”


“To be able to win 2-0 and perform decently as well makes me very happy. However, things we need to fix became blatantly obvious, and learning about them made the day very fulfilling.”


On Feb. 27, Gen.G defeated DRX 2-0 after which a very calm Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk joined Inven for a post-match interview. After their loss against T1 in round 1 due to fielding emergency subs because of COVID, Gen.G came back strong to go on a four-match win streak. G


“[In our last match against T1], the team atmosphere wasn’t as bad," Ruler said. "Personally, I was both worried and excited to see how we’d play against them with the subs. It was a huge opportunity for the CL players, and I wanted to see them shine. I felt that my lane partner at the time, Lospa, would not be able to play well if I gave him orders, so I chose to match his plays.


“Due to such a situation, it was natural for us to fall short, but I feel we did well with the cards we were dealt. This time, we’re not going to get rolled by T1. I’m not fuelled by getting revenge or anything like that. T1 are a very strong team right now, so I’m not fully confident that we’ll beat them. However, I like ending other teams’ undefeated streaks, so I want to knock T1 down.”


Ruler joined Gen.G in 2016 and is a veteran player with seven years of experience under his belt. He has one Worlds gold and one silver under his belt, but oddly enough, he’s yet to win an LCK title. But this year, Ruler is playing on what's considered to be the strongest Gen.G roster in org history.


“No matter who my teammates were, I had multiple opportunities to win the LCK title, but in the end, I failed to capitalize. My teammates all changed once again this year, and with that, I once again have a real opportunity. Will I be able to capitalize on it? No one knows for sure yet. My job is to give my best right now.


“I’m definitely hungry to win the championship, but I’m not over my head to convince myself that I’ll definitely win. I performed at my peak when I had the mindset of, ‘Let’s give it my all right now. I’m going to push myself to my limit’. That’s why I don’t have a particular goal in mind right now, and I'm letting fate decide my future. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll get lazy with practice or get mentally shaken.”


Now on an undefeated four-series streak (8-0 in games), Gen.G look like the only ones really capable of challenging the undefeated T1 (12-0). The rematch is scheduled for Mar. 3 — the definitive highlight of LCK's week 7.

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