VTuber Ironmouse claims title of most-subbed-to-female Twitch streamer during subathon

A Vtuber named Ironmouse became the most subbed to female streamer ever on Twitch this week, after launching an uncapped subathon twelve days ago that has seen her rocket all the way to the top. On Tuesday night, the Vtuber hit 1,000,000 followers and broke the 75k subscriber, making her the most subbed-to female streamer ever.



"Words cannot express what I am feeling right now," she said in a Tweet celebrating her historic night. "Thank you all for all your love and thank you for joining me on this crazy journey. Lets have many more adventures together."


With 75k active subscribers, Ironmouse passed kkatamima of OTV and friends, who held the previous title of most-subbed-to female streamer with  73,561 subscribers, obtained in Nov. 2021. Ironmouse is also now the 13th most subbed to streamer of all time, behind Nick Mercs in 12th with a peak of 80,400 subs.


As of writing this article, Ironmouse's subathon is still going, with over 20-hours remaining on the clock at minimum. Her rules state that a subscription, a $5 donation, or 500 bits add 15 seconds to the clock. Given her current trajectory, it is possible that she could challenge Nick Mercs 12th place position in the coming days, and even possibly break into the top ten all-time streamer list, which would require 83k subscribers to beat Hasanabi's peak.


Ironmouse made her Vtuber Debut in 2017. She joined the VShojo Vtuber community in 2020, and has seen growing success since then with her primarily just-chatting channel.



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VTubing originated in Japan, and it stands for virtual YouTubers. VTubers are streamers and content creators who use digital avatars usually based on the anime art style. Many Vtubers use face tracking animation software to bring their avatars to life to entertain their audiences. The practice is more common in markets like Japan, however, Ironmouse and other English-speaking VTubers have found dedicated audiences in western markets in recent years.

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