[Updated 2/17] Quin69 banned from Twitch again

Update 2/17/2022: Quin revealed that the reason for his ban was accidental nudity on stream.

Original Article:
Twitch streamer Quin69 has been banned from Twitch again, possibly for flashing a gun on his stream on Wednesday. This is Quin69's second ban in recent months, with his first ban coming after he made some highly offensive, misogynistic remarks in January.



Some have surmised that his latest ban is due to Quin flashing and playing with a bb-gun on his stream. This could be a violation of Twitch's community guidelines, which state that it is against the rules to "[brandish] lethal or harmful weapons, such as guns, knives, or explosives" on your stream. That doesn't mean you can't necessarily have a gun involved in your stream, say if you were at a shooting range or doing target shooting somewhere, but flashing or brandishing one is against TOS.



It has not been confirmed that this is the reason for the ban. Quin is a controversial figure, who has gotten himself in hot water for repeatedly forwarding sexist takes, including blaming women who are sexually assaulted for their own assault based on how they were dressed, and suggesting that women's only value is their ability to reproduce. He hasn't been engaging in as many "hot takes" lately, leading many to think the gun is what caused this ban.


Quin has not yet commented on his most recent ban publicly.

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