Twitch streamer under fire for saying women are "asking to get sexually assaulted" for wearing short shorts

Source: Quin69/Twitch

Update 1/13/2021: Quin69 was banned from Twitch after a stream on Jan. 13th, when he called women in a video "breedable" and argued that women who have sex with underage boys are less bad because men have a  higher sex drive during puberty. The specific reason for his ban is unconfirmed as of this update.

Original Article:
 Twitch streamer Quin69 came under fire on Wednesday, after saying on his stream that women are "asking to get sexually assaulted" for wearing short shorts. The clip immediately sparked responses in his chat with viewers asking "WTF" and calling him "VICTIM BLAMER69" and suggesting that he will likely get banned soon. His comments also faced backlash on r/livestreamfail, where a clip of his comments quickly trended.


"When you see the underbutt that is too much, there is some sexual derived there," the streamer said while watching a clip from American dad. "I mean, you are just asking to get sexually assaulted by some deranged person, that is all I am saying."



Following the immediate backlash to his comments, the streamer doubled down on his victim-blaming, saying that women are more likely to be raped based on how they're dressed, saying "it's one of the variables" in a follow-up clip. In that clip he also drew a "rape spectrum" on notepad, to better illustrate his allegedly misogynistic take on assault victims.


Quin69 has not been banned, as of writing this article, but it is quite possible he could be banned under Twitch's harassment rules, which ban derogatory statements about another person's perceived sexual practices or sexual morality. It is quite possible he will not be banned, since he was not referencing a specific person, simply stating a controversial opinion. However, in the past, streamers like TrainWrecks have received bans for controversial opinions about women, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that Quin69 could face a ban for controversial take.


Quin69 is a variety streamer with 636k followers and nearly 5,000 active subscribers, ranking in the top 300 streamers on Twitch. He was streaming to over 8,000 viewers on Wednesday when he made his controversial statements.


Update 1/5/2022: In a response to this article on stream, Quin69 called himself a "feminist", while continuing to stand by his argument that women are to blame when they get raped, depending on how they dress. Near the end of Wednesday's stream, he said he is open to changing his mind if shown the right data, but he continues to stand by his original take.

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