Lost Ark: How to unlock and use the Power Pass to boost new characters to max level


According to the official Lost Ark launch release patch notes from Feb. 7, players will get Power Passes on the NA/EU release of Lost Ark. This is a big deal for people who want to play multiple characters and classes in the endgame of Lost Ark, so knowing how to use the Power Pass is crucial.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Power Passes.

How does Power Pass work in Lost Ark?

  • There are two ways a Power Pass will be provided to Adventurers:

    • When the player completes the Main Quest (Ealyn’s Gift) from North Vern, a single Vern Power Pass Token will be provided via in-game mail.

    • After using the first Power Pass, a second Power Pass will be granted to players via in-game mail.

  • After two Power Passes are received, you will not be able to earn a third Power Pass this way.

  • The Adventurers Path can be started immediately after consuming the Power Pass on an alternative character.

    • This feature compresses the level 10 - 50 segment for an alternative character through a story told by Beatrice.

    • It will guide you on the essentials and progression, specific to your class, allowing you to re-live the content quickly through the new character.

    • Completing the Adventurers Path quest chain will equip your character with the gear appropriate for Vern content.

How to unlock a Power Pass in Lost Ark

The Power Pass is a type of boost for your character. Unlike the Knowledge Transfer boost that is available in your stronghold (more information on Knowledge Transfer here), the Power Pass is an instantaneous boost with no gold cost. Normally, Power Passes are available in the cash shop for real money.


Power Passes also have a wide range of options depending on where you’d like to boost a character to. However, on the western version of Lost Ark, they won’t be available for immediate purchase. Instead, players will receive a Power Pass as soon as their first character completes the Main Quest Ealyn’s Gift in North Vern. That’s right: we’ll get our Power Passes through in-game means for absolutely free. Not only that, we’ll actually be given two Power Passes to immediately boost two characters of our choosing. The Power Passes given to us will only boost a character to North Vern but as manually leveling a character to level 50 can take anywhere from 12-15 hours, an instant level 50 boost is much appreciated for those who want to play multiple characters.


In order to actually start using the Power Pass, you’ll need to create a new character or select a character that is below level 50. To use the Power Pass, select a character in the character selection screen and select the “Power Pass” option. A prompt will then pop up confirming if you’d like to use the pass. Hit “Use Power Pass” once you confirm that that’s the character you want to boost, as this is irreversible.


The Power Pass will then abridge the entire 1-50 leveling process in a series of small quests and cutscenes called “The Adventurers Path”, which is told through the This is skippable but will usually reward you with some additional cosmetic items if you play it all the way through, so if you have the time I would do it at least once!

What happens after using Power Pass

After completing The Adventures Path, your character will be level 50 in North Vern fully equipped with the gear you need to proceed with the Vern storyline. All the story before North Vern will be fully completed, side quests and all. You can dive straight into the Vern continent or start content like Chaos Dungeons immediately as you desire as soon as you’ve boosted a character with the Power Pass. Not to mention, we’ll be getting two Power Passes, with a second Power Pass being mailed to you immediately after you consume the first one. 


This way, you’ll be able to experience the endgame of Lost Ark immediately with multiple classes if you so desire! Will you Power Pass additional DPS classes, or will you Power Pass a support class to help your teammates? Be sure to check out our class guides for any classes you may decide to boost up!

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