Pokimane's Twitch contract officially ends, streamer teases "next chapter"

Source: Pokimane

Imane "Pokimane" Anys's Twitch contract officially ended today, leaving the immensely popular streamer a free agent in the ongoing streamer wars. She could stay with the platform, or she could sign a new exclusive contract with one of Twitch's competitors. According to a Tweet from Poki, published on Monday, she will reveal her next move on Feb. 8th, 2022.


"After a wild 2 years, my Twitch contract ends today," Poki said. "I’ll see you guys on February 8th for the next chapter Red heart much love to you all."



While it isn't possible to predict her next move, there are a few obvious options on the table.


She could resign with Twitch, keeping her current followers and Twitch culture alive heading into the rest of 2022. Alternatively, we could see her jump over to YouTube Gaming, where streamers like Ludwig and Valkyrae have found a home in the past couple of years, with Valkyrae announcing on Monday that she is officially sticking with YouTube for the next year.


There is also the possibility that she will jump to Facebook Gaming, though that seems less likely. Alternatively, she could leave streaming altogether and set out on a new business venture. Given her massive following of over 8.9 million followers on Twitch and 3.8 million followers on Twitter, it is likely she will continue to see success regardless of where she lands.


Poki's Twitch contract ends amid a rocky few months for her on the platform. She was briefly banned over a live DMCA claim, after watching Avatar: Last Airbender on stream as part of the react/anime meta. After she returned and things were getting back to normal, YouTuber JiDion instigated a massive hate raid against her stream as a publicity stunt for himself. She continues to receive hate messages related to that raid even now. She was then threatened with a lawsuit by Ninja's wife Jessica Blevins, after calling him out for supporting JiDion's hate raid.


Given the emotionally difficult, harassment-heavy month she has had, it is quite possible Poki is looking to switch things up. We will have to wait until next week to find out what she decides.

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