Streamer Ludwig leaves Twitch, signs exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming

Ludwig Ahgren, the most subscribed to streamer of all time, is the latest streamer to make the leap from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. The streamer made the announcement via a humorous skit that he posted on Twitter on Monday. He is the latest person to defect in the ongoing streamer wars between YouTube and Twitch.



Ludwig joins high-profile streamers like TimTheTatman, CouRage, Valkyrae, and recently Dr.Lupo, all of whom have at one point or another made the leap from Twitch streaming to YouTube Gaming as their home. Ludwig will officially begin his exclusive YouTube streams on November 30th.


Numerous streamers left messages of support under the announcement, including TimTheTatman, Jericho, Valkyrae, CouRage, and many more.


MoistCritical commented on why he believed Ludwig jumped over to YouTube, citing Ludwig's desire for a feature that would cap the number of gift subscriptions on his channel. Critical implied that one of the driving reasons people are leaving Twitch is that Twitch leadership doesn't care enough to actually listen to feedback, even from their largest streamers.



Ludwig became the most popular streamer in the world after completing the longest ever subathon in April of this year. The streamer streamed for 31 days, during which time he accrued over 282,000 subscribers.  He will now be starting fresh on YouTube, but is sure to immediately gain an audience given his tremendous success and connections in the streaming world.


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