JiDion's ban appeal rejected by Twitch: "We do not unsuspend accounts for this level of abuse"

Source: JiDion

JiDion posted on Twitter on Wednesday, revealing that his appeal of a permanban handed down by Twitch was officially rejected, meaning he will remain unable to stream on Twitch indefinitely.


"Your account was suspended for Harassing another person," Twitch stated in the email shared by JiDion. "We have reviewed your appeal and are denying it. Your account is indefinitely suspended due to repeated or severe Terms of Service or Community Guidelines violations. We do not unsuspend accounts for this level of abuse."


JiDion responded to the rejected appeal saying "It's all my faults boys I promise I'll do better."


The YouTuber and now-former Twitch streamer was banned last week for sending a hate raid to harass Pokimane last week, and then followed up with numerous harassing further comments targeted at Poki and encouraged further inappropriate behaviors from his fans following the ban.


JiDion stirred the pot even after getting banned, by live-streaming his reactions to Poki streams on Instagram live and making numerous follow-up comments, including inappropriate, sexually charged comments, about Pokimane online.


He also appealed to Tyler "Ninja" Blevins to help him with his ban, after giving the Fortnite streamer 100 subs on Twitch. Ninja claimed to have reached out to a rep about JiDion, though he has since denied that admission and his wife threatened to sue Pokimane for quoting the clip where Ninja made that claim. 


JiDion has since apologized for his behavior and requested his viewers lay off the harassment. Pokimane acknowledged that apology in a comment made on Wednesday, saying that she hopes this is the last time she will have to talk about the hate raid.



The entire situation surrounding JiDion's hate raid has sparked a discussion around the treatment of female streamers, and women online in general. Valkyrae, Asmongold, Pokimane, Ludwig, and many others have taken this chance to speak out against the abuse of women online.


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