DisguisedToast banned from Twitch amid DMCA controversy

Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang was banned from Twitch on Monday, possibly for DMCA violations related to his practice of watching copyrighted anime like Naruto and Deathnote on stream. He was on the final episode of Deathnote when the ban came through, leading him and others to lament the ban not coming just 20 minutes later, after the conclusion of the show. This is DisguisedToast's first ban from Twitch.



The streamer has come under fire in recent weeks for watching various popular animes on his stream, and given the recent uptick in DMCA actions on Twitch, it is most likely that this is what landed him the ban, though this has not been confirmed. If he was banned from DMCA, he is the second streamer, following Pokimane, to be banned for watching anime in the past week. 


DisguisedToast recently returned to the platform on an exclusive contract, after leaving for a while to stream on Facebook. Since returning, he has been defensive of his decision to react to copyrighted content, particularly anime, which has become a centerpiece of his content in recent weeks. He has seen an uptick in the backlash against the anime streams over the past couple of days since Pokimane was banned last week for watching Avatar: Last Airbender on stream. Now he is in the same boat she was over the weekend.


If Poki's ban length is anything to judge by, Toast will be gone for 48-hours.

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