Disguised Toast announces return to Twitch after two years

Source: Disguised Toast

Jeremy "Diguised Toast" Wang announced on Wednesday that he has signed a deal to stream exclusively on Twitch, after spending the past two years streaming on Facebook Gaming. He previously streamed on Twitch from 2015-2019 before moving to FB Gaming for a stint. He returns to 2 million followers off the bat, and already is receiving large numbers of subscribers in the wake of his transition back.


"Hello, it's been a while, didn't think I would be back here so soon, but here we are," Disguised Toast said in his announcement video. "Two years, time for a new platform. I am really excited. [Twitch] I always felt at home, a lot of viewers and fans watch me on this platform. It just made a lot of sense to be here."



"When I left Twitch two years ago, I was burnt out on streaming," the streamer explained in his first stream back on Twitch, which 30,000+ people tuned in for. "I took the Facebook offer two years ago, and my mental was a lot better. I worked on a lot of personal stuff like how to make friends. That was a big one, making friends was key. . . but now I want to grind a little."



He continued, "I think Twitch is the best place to grind. It's very cut-throat, it's very competitive. Its very like, about what you do, who you know, who you collab with. Honestly, its a little toxic, the way big streamers have to grind to be big. But I kind of like that, as well." 


Toast has been a member of the high-profile streaming team OfflineTV since 2017, an organization that runs a content house in Los Angeles. OTV has been building a lot of momentum recently, with streamers like Pokimane, Lily Pichu, and other high-profile content creators filling their roster. With his return to Twitch, Toast may see an uptick in viewership, as Twitch is where most OTV fans spend their time to begin with.


He is the latest high-profile streamer to be snapped up by Twitch, following the announcement that Nick Mercs would also stream exclusively on Twitch moving forward. At the same time, other streamers like TimTheTatman and CouRageJD have inked their own deals with YouTube as part of the latest round of "platform wars" where streaming platforms compete for the biggest names in online streaming.



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