TimTheTatman finds hacked Warzone lobby that fully levels guns: "I have everything unlocked with one kill"

Streamer Timothy John "TimTheTatman" Betar dropped into a Warzone lobby while streaming on Tuesday, only to soon realize that it was no ordinary lobby. After getting a single kill with his level 8 Gorenko Anti-Tank rifle, he saw the weapon level all the way up to the max level of 70. It appears he somehow found himself inside a hacked Warzone lobby that insta-levels guns.


"I think we have a problem @CallofDuty," the YouTube streamer stated on Twitter, linking to a 1-minute clip showing the hacked lobby at work.



"Wait, it just said my gun went up to level 70 with one kill," Tim stated in the clip. "Homie, my gun is level 70. I just shot one guy and my gun went from level 8 to level 70, I swear to god. . . I have everything unlocked with one kill."


The hacked lobby mirrors past COD hacks that date all the way back to Modern Warfare 2, where some lobby's were hacked by players so that those who compete in them receive huge boosts in XP. It also mirrors a hack in Warzone from earlier this year, when Nick Mercs killed a hacker and was instantly boosted to level 1000. While Tim's lobby appeared to only level gun attachments to level 70, it is still a massive exploit in the game.


It is unclear if this is an intentional hack, or if it is an unintentional exploit caused by some type of bug. Either way, the existence of these lobbies undermines the fairness of the game, giving some players the ability to skip the leveling process on guns, while others are forced to grind out the levels for hours or even days in some cases.


The report of the new hacked lobby comes in the midst of numerous bug reports for Warzone. Players have expressed their frustration with the bugs and new map Caldera map added in the recent Pacific update, with some pro players like Aydan even saying they are no longer enjoying the game.  



One of Warzone's previous biggest names, Nick Mercs, abandoned Warzone earlier this year, opting to play Apex legends instead due to his frustration with hackers in the game. That was before the recent Pacific update which reportedly broke many aspects of the game, though it also introduced an anti-cheat system for the first time in Warzone history. In a recent stream, Mercs encouraged players to consider stopping with Warzone entirely, like he did, telling them to jump over to Apex Legends with him.


As of writing this article, Raven Software has not yet publicly responded to the reports of this new bug and/or hack.

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