Warzone introduces numerous game-breaking bugs in anti-cheat update

Warzone devs finally added the new anti-cheat driver to the game on Wednesday, in an update that broke the game for a lot of players, who are now reporting numerous visual and performance bugs. Players are also reporting that they are still running into cheaters after the update.


Warzone's anti-cheat system fails to stop cheaters

The RICOCHET anti-cheat engine is a kernel-level driver that promised to finally address the cheating issues that have affected the game since its release. The day following the release of the new engine, however, numerous players are already reporting that they have run into cheaters on the first day of RICOCHET's arrival. This is prompting questions about whether the new anti-cheat is going to make much of a difference for the free-to-play title.


While we can expect more cheater bans to roll in soon, and further improvements to the anti-cheat over time, it was still disappointing for many players to lose to cheaters the day after the anti-cheat was supposed to take effect and protect them. 


Warzone update breaks the game

The complaints with the new anti-cheat update were not the only thing upsetting Warzone players on Wednesday.


Many players are reporting numerous other issues with the game that came along with the new patch. Those issue range from bugs with reticles, to challenges and menus being bugged, to massive performance issues or even the game not running at all, and everything in between. To say that it has been a rough launch for Warzone Pacific is an understatement, this is a disaster for the game, which has already received a lot of negative feedback on the new Caldera map and its mechanics.

The initial issues with Caldera prompted Jack "CouRage" Dunlop to uninstall the game and quit Warzone entirely on Tuesday, and that was even before the new slew of bugs introduced on Wednesday. The streamer said "good riddance" and committed himself to playing games like Apex Legends, Halo, and Fortnite, rather than playing Caldera. 


While support for the anti-cheat and the other issues is presumably ongoing, the Warzone player base is vocally disappointed with Warzone and its developers. Many players have had extremely negative experiences with this game over the past week, which were only made worse today with the new bugs. Hopefully, we will see improvements to the anti-cheat and other issues in Warzone Pacific Season 1 in the near future, but for now the player base is outraged.

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