New Warzone hack instantly boosts unsuspecting players to Level 1000

Source: Nick Mercs

Update 7/13/2021: The hack discussed in this article has reportedly been fixed in a silent update. As of writing this article, those who did have their account boosted appear to still have boosted accounts.

Original Article:
Warzone players are reporting a very odd glitch/hack this week, which is causing them to instantly reach account level 1000 and unlocking all the skins and calling cards, including the highly coveted Dark Matter skins.


The hack appears to take place inside particular hacked lobbies. Some have surmised that the level 1000 jump takes place when you kill a cheater inside the hacked lobby, though this fact has not been confirmed yet. The entire situation is reminiscent of old-school hacked lobbies on consoles during the Modern Warfare 2 era, but this time the "victims" of the hack didn't ask for it.


Nickmercs was hit with the new hack on Monday during a live stream. The streamer was playing a normal match, when suddenly his account level went to 1000, causing significant confusion from the streamer at first. When he checked his weapons, he was able to equip the dark matter on all of his weapons. Nick was the only streamer in his  lobby to receive the level 1000, which perhaps lends credence to the theory that if you kill the hacker you get the level 1000 "reward."



The new Warzone hack is part of the larger cheating issues plaguing Warzone. While cheating has been a huge issue in Warzone since the beginning, there has been a noticeable increase in the number and intensity of cheaters in recent months. Some YouTubers like Dr. Disrespect have even announced they are taking a break from the game until the situation surrounding hackers improves.


While it may seem like a fun, or even desirable, glitch, many are worried that those who receive the level 1000 account could face their own ban for cheating, despite having no control over what happened to their account. Raven Software has not yet commented on the new hack/glitch, or if/when they plan to fix the issue. So for now, we will have to wait and see if they revert the accounts, ban them, or just leave them as-is. 

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