Nickmercs quits Warzone: "I am dipping from Call of Duty: Warzone"

Source: Nick Mercs

Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff, one of the biggest Warzone streamers in the world,  is the latest streamer to quit Warzone and go in search of greener pastures. He announced on Tuesday that he will be leaving Warzone in favor of Apex Legends.



Warzone streamers flock to Apex Legends, JGOD calls Warzone "unplayable"



"I gotta do what is best for me, I have to have fun doing what I am doing," Nickmercs said. "Point-blank, straight to the point, I am dipping from Call of Duty: Warzone. Now, not permanently, I might be back on in a couple weeks, or go check it out. . . but you know Call of Duty is in a really really bad spot. . . There is no sign of light at the end of this tunnel you know."


Over the past week, Nickmercs has become increasingly frustrated with the Warzone hacking problem, even rage quitting after the first drop of the day earlier this week after being killed by a cheater only a few moments after landing. Like many streamers before him, Nickmercs is giving up on the cheater-infested game that is Warzone in 2021.


Nickmercs announced that he will be moving onto Apex Legends which just launched its 10th season this week


"I felt like a little kid again [playing Apex Legends]," the streamer explained. "I am blessed enough to have a job like this, a job I love a job I am passionate about. . . If I am getting on every day with this dream of a job and not having fun, what the hell am I doing if I am not having fun? I have gotta keep it fresh, gotta keep it hot, and with that being said we are not going to upload Call of Duty anymore."


Nickmercs said he will be uploading a lot of Apex content in the coming weeks and months and will be pursuing the goal of reaching the Apex Predator rank. Only time will tell if he ever returns to the Warzone, or if this goodbye is permanent.

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