Five locations which Arcane Season 2 could visit


The first small-screen adaptation of League of Legends, Netflix’s Arcane, was a smashing success becoming one of the service’s most-watched (and most critically acclaimed) shows ever. Arcane’s positive reception led to a confirmed second season, with the potential for more in the future. 


While it would be tempting for Riot and animation studio Fortiche to return to Piltover and Zaun to pick up the first season’s plot but there are other, more interesting threads that were introduced or teased in the first season that could take the show to new and interesting locations around Runeterra. Here are five such locations that Arcane Season 2 could visit.


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There are mild spoilers ahead, so we encourage you to watch Arcane Season 1 first.




We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. Towards the end of Season 1, Arcane introduced Ambessa Medarda, the mother of Piltover councilwoman Mel Medarda. Ambessa was a Noxian warlord who married into Clan Medarda of Piltover, one of the wealthiest clans in the city. Viewers got to see a bit of Mel’s relationship with her mother at the start of episode 8, "Oil & Water". In the lore and in Arcane, Mel was sent from Noxus to live with her family in Piltover. In Arcane, Mel is banished because she is not willing to embrace Noxus’ "strength-above-all" mindset.


Ironically, Piltover and Noxus crossed over in a short story within the League of Legends lore called "Progress Day" which involved Noxian spies infiltrating clan Medarda. This sort of plotline may be difficult to incorporate into Arcane Season 2, but the ties between these two regions are already being laid in the show.




With the clubhouse favorite out of the way, it’s time to look at the more out-of-the box options. First up would be Bilgewater, which is included because of the shipping connections that Silco seemed to have in season 1. Remember, at the start of Act 2, Ekko and the Firelights attacked those flying ships coming into Piltover that contained Shimmer for Silco. It’s never revealed where Silco was getting the raw materials (though Singed the Mad Scientist was undoubtedly using his skills to weaponize it).


One logical explanation as to where those shipments were coming from would be Bilgewater. Not only is it the central hub of shipping, but it’s home to the sorts of smugglers we saw on that ship. And, if there is a criminal enterprise stretching across Runeterra that Silco was a part of, it would undoubtedly stretch into Bilgewater.




Another location that is tied to the Medarda clan, in the lore Mel’s family had strong connections to the desert land of Shurima. Not only were the Medardas one of the premiere trade brokers between Piltover and Shurima, but they also trade with the Suns of Bel’Zhun, a Shuriman rebel insurgency against the occupying force in Northern Shurima: Noxus.


Yes, yet another connection between Noxus and Piltover, with Mel Medarda in the center. And the fact that her family is on both sides of this conflict, with one side arming the insurgency that is fighting to repel the nation that her mother is from. This could be a rich trove of lore that Arcane could mine, looking into the fallen empire, contrasting that to the rising strong powers like Noxus and Piltover.


Bandle City


Heimerdinger is a Yordle and probably one of the more popular characters from Arcane Season 1, so it would make sense to introduce the home of the Yordles. It certainly seemed that Heimer was planning to exile himself somewhere after he was removed from the Piltover council, before encountering an injured Ekko. A very good guess as to where he might have been going would be his homeland.


Beyond that, there are plenty of inventive and tinkering Yorldes (Ziggs and Rumble immediately leap to mind) who would fit in wonderfully with the technological themes introduced in Arcane Season 1. Even though Heimerdinger has now linked up with Ekko, perhaps the two and the Firelights might make a trek across the sea to find more Yordles.




This is the out-of-left-field option and it really just relates to the title of this show, Arcane. Demacia is the anti-magic region, one which distrusts and despises mages. When Heimerdinger flashes back to the great war that he is hesitant to talk about, maybe this is an ancient war that took place around Demacia? Or maybe he’s just thinking back to the Mage Rebellion led by Sylas that was taking place in Demacia. Regardless of which war Heimer was flashing back to, it would make sense to connect his distrust of magic to Demacia


In addition, with the connection to Noxus already established in Season 1, it would make natural sense to introduce their rival nation in Season 2. If Arcane has hopes of building out the world of Runeterra in subsequent seasons, it would make sense that characters like Lux and Garen would be prominently featured.



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