Five League of Legends champions we could see in Arcane Season 2


Now that Arcane’s first season is a wrap, it’s hard not to speculate where the series goes from here. With a wide-open ending and a confirmed Season 2, we’re sure to see some familiar faces in the next season. However, not all those familiar faces will be characters that have been introduced in the show. 


Arcane features a wide cast of characters, but not nearly as wide as the ever-growing League of Legends roster. Out of the 150+ champions playable, it’s hard to imagine we won’t see more of that roster make an appearance next season. LoL's lore runs deep, and some champions have lore that puts them on a collision course with Arcane’s narrative.


Spoilers ahead. All quotes are sourced from the character profiles on LoL’s site.


Camille’s hextech body augmentations make her a given for season two. Not only does her story directly intertwine with the inhumane origins of the hexcrystals’ powers (more on that later), but her body is almost entirely replaced by hextech. Calille's intelligent, cunning, multi-lingual, combat-trained, and wholly committed to her clan. Clan Ferris has a motto that traps Camille in a complex political web of corruption and power.


“For family, I will give.”


In League of Legends proper, Camille is very old. Her hextech augmentations have dramatically extended her lifespan, with only her silver hair indicating her age. However, considering that hextech is just getting started in Arcane, it’s likely we’ll see a younger Camille as well as an exploration of her origin story. The conflict between familial love, acquired love, and love for herself are all concepts touched on in Camille’s lore. Plus, Camille is (quite literally) built for combat. Her massive blade legs and Attack on Titan-esque movement gear would make for some superb action scenes.


While some fan-favorite Noxians like Katarina, Draven, and Darius could be strong additions to Arcane’s wide set of characters, Swain is someone set up to be integral to Noxian politics. In the lore, Swain sacrifices almost everything to overthrow Boram Darkwill, the tyrant leader of Noxus. Boram’s scheming and the Darkwills could be the internal Noxian threat coming for Mel and the Medardas, and Swain’s lengthy campaign to overthrow Darkwill could be the story that gives us more information about the cutthroat nature of Noxus politics.


Either that, or Swain has already overthrown Darkwill by the time Arcane’s second season starts. Swain himself could be the threat to Mel and the Medardas. Riot seem more focused on strong storytelling with existing characters than following the established timelines and order of events within the lore, so it’s anyone’s guess as to which iteration of Swain we’ll see. Whether Swain is already the Grand General of Noxus, or if we follow him through Darkwill’s reign and beyond, he’ll likely be a key player as Arcane’s story expands into Noxus.


Blitzcrank’s dated look and design may make him seem like a boring addition, but there’s more to his lore than meets the eye. While Blitzcrank isn’t the character most people think of when it comes to the upper echelon of storytelling within League of Legends, his lore has some serious implications when it comes to hextech’s future. Blitzcrank started as a steam golem meant to clean up Zaun but after Viktor finds him, Blitzcrank becomes the first experiment for sentient, hextech-powered beings.


This is also a great chance to build up Blitzcrank’s personality. He’s a blank slate that pulls things, which is an exciting proposition for any writer looking to build an actual character arc and personality.


Warwick’s eventual inclusion is the biggest fan theory, and the many ways that Arcane alludes to Vander’s transformation into Warwick almost confirmed it within the show alone. However, after reading through the lore, it’s clear that Riot created Warwick before Vander and not the other way around. His inclusion is all but assured.


“Though many think of Warwick as no more than a beast, buried beneath the fury lies the mind of a man — a gangster who put down his blade and took up a new name to live a better life. But no matter how hard he tried to move on, he could never escape the sins of his past.”


It’s likely that Vander’s character arc is just getting started, and that his return as Warwick will be the next chapter. His transformation into Warwick leaves him a broken man (so to speak). Arcane’s second season will likely explore Vander’s transformation and descent into madness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a villain. Considering Warwick goes out of his way to hunt down killers and criminals rather than innocent people, there’s a lot of room to develop the character further.


In stark contrast to Warwick, Skarner is a long shot. For those unaware, the hexcrystals are made out of Skarner’s people, the Brackern. He is one of the last remaining live Brackern, and he guards the dormant souls of his people. Those dormant Brackern’s souls are what power hextech in the lore, meaning that Piltover’s prosperity is built on the souls of the Brackern and the accidental genocide of an entire species.


The discovery of hextech’s sinister origins is a very compelling plot point. Does Jayce already know considering he invented them? Or is no one aware? How and when will the origin of hexcrystals be revealed? There’s a huge plot point here, and Skarner represents the repercussions of rapid and unchecked industrialization.


Piltover is a small place in the League of Legends lore. With the long history behind surrounding regions like Shurima and Noxus, the story that began with Arcane has seemingly endless potential. With a Champion as old and dated as Singed getting such a big facelift in Arcane, season two makes me just as excited for older Champions like Blitzcrank as it does for more modern ones like Camille. The first season left some big shoes to fill, but the rich lore behind League of Legends’ vast cast of characters gives the story a lot of room to grow.

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