GEN Bdd: "C9 seems like the weakest team, so it’s a relief for me."

Source: LCK Korea


On the last day of the group stage of the 2021 LoL World Championship, Group D had a historical clash. All four teams were tied with three wins and three losses — a four-way-tie. After three tiebreaker matches, Gen.G defeated Team Liquid and MAD Lions to advance to the knockout stage in first place.


In the knockout stage draw, Gen.G drew Cloud9 and was positioned on the opposite bracket of other LCK teams. After the long day, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong joined Jeesun Park and talked about the day, and about the knockout stage draw.



How do you feel about reaching the knockout stage in first place?


It was a really long day. After watching the knockout stage draw, I thought it was the best-case scenario for us, so I’m satisfied.


You’ll be facing Cloud9 in the quarterfinals. What are your thoughts on that?


I think all the other teams are very strong. Cloud9 seems like the weakest team, so it’s a relief for me.


It would have been very tiring for you to play all day until the 1st place decider match.


It was hard to maintain my condition starting from falling asleep last night. It was difficult playing this long, since I’ve never played for such a long time before. I think it’ll be a valuable experience for me.


You kept carrying your team out of pinches. What was the reason you were able to lead the team until the end?


Since we played so many games today, I wasn’t nervous at all, and there were many things I was able to do. So I did what I could do.


All the other LCK teams made it to the knockout stage before you did. Didn’t you feel pressured?


I didn’t feel any pressure, but today was so exhausting — I felt like I was losing my mind.


How are your resolutions for the knockout stage?


We had a good start today, but again, it got weird during the middle. Next time, we’ll be more prepared to show a good performance.

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