[Guide] Top 10 Heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patch 21.3


Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patch 21.3 mainly was focused on the minion balance changes, but there were several notable hero balance changes to Shudderwock, Galewing, and Master Nguyen. Let's check out the best heroes in the current patch.


This guide is based on HSReplay.net's Battlegrounds Tier 7 feature. The data presented in this article is based on the Top 5% (6,900+) MMR and updated as of September 30.


Tier 1

Source: HSReplay.net Battlegrounds Tier 7 Premium feature


1. Captain Hooktusk


Captain Hooktusk is back to his prime days. Captain Hooktusk is simply a powerful hero that has been in Tier 1 for quite a while. Now with a nerf to the previously best hero, Master Nguyen, Captain Hooktusk took the Thorne.


To learn more about Captain Hooktusk, check out our Capitan Hooktusk guide!


2. Dancin' Deryl


Dancin' Deryl is one of the heroes that benefitted the most from Patch 21.3. Deryl is best known for finishing top 2~3 by staying on Tavern Tier 3 and pitching hats to make big divine shield minions.

The previous meta was too focused on quickly leveling up your Tavern Tier and buying specific overpowered minions (Doomsayers and Beasts), which is the exact opposite of what Deryl wants to do. Demons and Beasts scaled too quickly for Deryl to catch up. The current meta is slow enough for Deryl to safely dance on divine shield minions to aim for an MMR gaining finish.


3. Millhouse Manastorm


Millhouse Manastorm might be the hero that benefitted the most from both the 21.2 Revamp patch and the 21.3 balance patch. In the 21.2 Revamp patch, Millhouse got Recycling Wraith, which is the most broken minion ever printed for his hero power. Millhouse pays double the cost for refreshing to buy minions cheaper, but if Recycling Wraith makes refreshing free, Millhouse shoots off to the moon.

The critical problem pre-patch was that the previous meta was about searching for specific minions (again, Doomsayers and Beasts). Like Deryl, nerfing Demons and Beasts finally unlocked Millhouse's full potential. Millhouse with Elementals can create value close to infinite!


4. Master Nguyen


As we've mentioned in the previous article about the new heroes, Master Nguyen was the best hero in Patch 21.2. The nerf to his hero power was expected. However, it was impossible to understand how critical nerf would be because the patch note simply said, "Adjusted the odds of hero power offerings (no text changes)."


We have no data on the odds of hero power offerings before or after the patch, but given that he is still hanging around on top 5 and Tier 1, the nerf seemed to be around a reasonable range.


Tier 2

Source: HSReplay.net Battlegrounds Tier 7 Premium feature


5. Fungalmancer Flurgl


Fungalmancer Flurgl is now sitting in the top 5! Not much has changed to Flurgl in both 21.2 and 21.3. The crucial buff came at 21.0.3 but wasn't noticed as much as it should be because a huge Revamp patch came right after. Flurgl is in the top 5 because Murlocs are relatively stronger with nerfs to Demons and Beasts.


6. Arch-Villain Rafaam


The good old Rafaam is sitting in sixth place. There isn't much to say about Rafaam because he did not get a single balance patch since the release. His tier moves up or down relatively based on the average power of other heroes. He is still a decent pick.


7. Galewing


Galewing was nerfed this patch because it was one of the best heroes pre-patch as we've mentioned in the previous Galewing Guide. However, it is still in a fine spot because only Eastern Plaguelands was nerfed.


The core power of Galewing comes from Ironforge, because it let's you to hit Tavern Tier 3 on turn 3 and also discover a Tier 3 minion at the beginning of turn 4. Just remember to choose Ironforge more often, if not every time.


8. Forest Warden Omu


Forest Warden Omu is another good old classic hero. Just like Rafaam, Omu hasn't got a single balance change and only becomes stronger or weaker relatively compared to other heroes. To learn more about Forest Warden Omu, check out our Omu Guide.


9. The Great Akazamzarak


The Great Akazamzarak is another hero that has been hanging around Tier 2 for a while now. The existence of Ice Block increases Akazamzarak's average finish, and Competitive Spirit helps a lot with early board scaling.


10. Mutanus the Devourer


Mutanus the Devourer is relatively a new hero but quickly became a steady seller. His hero power doesn't have any fancy function but is strong enough to help it keep a strong board consistently throughout the game.

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